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Vindicated? Yeah, but they mean well so ignore it…

Well, I was certain that when Obama told everyone he had no clue Hillary was using an illegal server – an act that should have had her wearing an orange jumpsuit and printing license plates while not making sweet love with Big Bertha – back whenever that this was just another one of his many lies that we would never get the skinny on. Turns out I was wrong for a change:

President Barack Obama used a pseudonym in email communications with Hillary Clinton and others, according to FBI records made public Friday.

The disclosure came as the FBI released its second batch of documents from its investigation into Clinton’s private email server during her tenure as secretary of state.

The 189 pages the bureau released includes interviews with some of Clinton’s closest aides, such as Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills; senior State Department officials; and even Marcel Lazar, better known as the Romanian hacker “Guccifer.”

In an April 5, 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin was shown an email exchange between Clinton and Obama, but the longtime Clinton aide did not recognize the name of the sender.

“Once informed that the sender’s name is believed to be pseudonym used by the president, Abedin exclaimed: ‘How is this not classified?'” the report says. “Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.”

The State Department has refused to make public that and other emails Clinton exchanged with Obama. Lawyers have cited the “presidential communications privilege,” a variation of executive privilege, in order to withhold the messages under the Freedom of Information Act.

The report doesn’t provide more details on the contents of that particular email exchange, but says it took place on June 28, 2012, and had the subject line: “Re: Congratulations.” It may refer to the Supreme Court’s ruling that day upholding a key portion of the Obamacare law.

I bet you that like Clinton, the asshole that promised the most transparent administration evah! (anyone remember that promise?), will plead stupidity and expect a pass from the usual morons. I expect the media to give this all a wide birth (covering it like angel of mercy nurses do to their victims with a pillow) or spin it for all it is worth. Their focus will be on Trump saying something un-PC. In the mean time the world finds out that the US is being run by a crime syndicate masquerading as the DNC. But who cares about that? The left means well!

Can you give me an example?

If you have not heard about it, and if you get your news from the LSM I am sure you haven’t, our Community Organizer in Chief managed to both incense an ally, and embarrass America in the Latin community, with one of those usual stupid moments we here in the US take for granted whenever TOTUS is having difficulty. Speaking to members at Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia about the British Falkland islands, in an effort to both smack the Brits as he is wont to do with our closest allies, and score points with the South Americans, he tried to refer to the group of islands by the names the Argentineans call them: the Malvinas. Only as usual, he fucked it up and called them the Maldives, another group of islands in the Indian Ocean and not the South Atlantic.

Those of us here in the US that do not limit our news to the propaganda by the LSM know Obama is prone to making this sort of idiotic mistakes. Heck, the idiot lays claims to being a constitutional scholar, then threatens the SCOTUS when they point out, correctly I add, that the mandate to purchase insurance – basically government forcing people to buy something, which means that if accepted as a valid premise government can now force you to do anything and everything it wants – in Obamacare is a travesty and unconstitutional. He also thinks we have 57 states in the union to name just another of his brilliant gaffes. But it seems that the foreign press is not aware of how stupid Obama is with or without TOTUS as a ridiculous preamble to this article shows:

Barack Obama made an uncharacteristic error, more akin to those of his predecessor George W Bush, by referring to the Falkland Islands as the Maldives.

Really? Bush made this kind of foreign policy blunder? Pissing on the legs of our allies while at the same time leaving no doubt with the people he was trying to impress that he was clueless? If any of you have any such examples, of W. screwing the pooch on the international scene and then doing so while royally shafting an ally, I will be glad to entertain them. Fuck I hate these people that make me defend Bush, but these stupid lies can not be left to stand. Bush may not have been a genius, but compared to the empty suit the LSM covers for so hard, I think he is a genius. The difference here is that in Bush’s case the LSM went out of its way to find things it could make him look stupid for saying or doing, just like they did with Dan Quayle too, and now, the members of the LSM go out of their way to cover the massive number of blunders by Obama. If I put you under a microscope and blew up every time you made the smallest of mistakes I guarantee you I can make you look like an idiot. The again, if I constantly cover up for you and keep feeding the sheeple the narrative of how smart you are, I can create that illusion as well.

Anyway, the South Americans now know for sure Obama is a dunce. Even more damaging is how his secret service is compromised – check out hooker-gate. Seriously, do these people understand that if Obama gets killed we end up with President Biden, which is about the only than more frightening and damaging than what we have now? And in the mean while, Obama managed to shaft the Brits while making himself look like a dunce, yet again. Maybe he can give the Queen another iPod with his speeches or book on it to make up for the screw job. yeah I know, I am such a racialist!

Things to ponder

The WSJ has an interesting article about the current job claims puzzle:

Something about the U.S. economy isn’t adding up.

At 8.3%, the unemployment rate has fallen 0.7 percentage point from a year earlier and is down 1.7 percentage points from a peak of 10% in October 2009. Many other measures of the job market are improving. Companies have expanded payrolls by more than 200,000 a month for the past three months, according to Labor Department data. And the number of people filing claims for government unemployment benefits has fallen.

Yet the economy is barely growing. Many economists in the past few weeks have again reduced their estimates of growth. The economy …

Exactly! I keep hearing things are getting better, and fast. Only, whenever you get real data, that claim seems not only ludicrous exaggeration, but impossible. Time after time we get told by the LSM how everything is golden or just about to go gold, but then the real details come out and it looks like a turd. I wonder what could be going on?

That was sarcasm for the lefties that know damn well what is going on. No wonder they are all more interested in pretending people that do not like the idea of government mandating yet another bullshit program that will cost the people that do not make the dumb choices or ignore responsibility are actually women haters. The job market is only getting better in what passes for news from the LSM, and that’s because they have to tell this lie in this election year.

Rigged poll fails, but LSM still sneaks in the left’s the talking points.

Talk about your bullshit polls. Not only do they not give you the details to take a look at, they talk circles around the most obvious finding: people want government to cut spending.

I am always dubious of ANY poll that doesn’t let me see the details. Who did they poll, when, what was the exact question asked, and how was it asked are all critical in understanding if your poll’s results should be trusted. Things like this:

The AP-GfK poll was conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications and involved cell phone and landline interviews with 1,000 randomly chosen adults. It has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4.1 percentage points.

are a dead giveaway that this poll was purposefully as ambiguous as possible so they could get the result they wanted. And that result is that a lot of people LOVE Obama’s idea that people making lots of money should be shaken down by big government under the pretense that this is being done out of some “social justice” prerogative.

Unfortunately for them, even their rigged and totally worthless poll left them no wiggle room to ignore the fact people want government spending cut, that this is advantageous for the political party that advocates for cuts – lets see if they do that though – and not for even more growth, and that the class warfare shit doesn’t have as much pull as they would like it to.

Queue this dumb article where they pretend that while even the rigged sample of people they portend to have talked to clearly torpedoed their biased poll by pointing out they want cuts, what is really important is that everyone agrees with Obama that rich people need to be fleeced!

Class warfare sucks. It’s nothing but the greedy and envious people, using the lamest of excuses to screw those people that actually do the work that keeps our economy alive and prevents us all from slipping into the prolonged periods of abject misery and poverty that are mankind’s normal condition, giving the losers a venue to condemn theft and feel good about it.

Republicans, debates, and the LSM.

Last night there was a republican debate. Let me admit I didn’t bother to watch it. That’s because I knew CNN was moderating this, and I suspected that they would be far more interested in asking bullshit questions that have nothing to do with the abysmal job Obama and the democrats have been doing. I was nit disappointed. The bulk of the questions were idiotic ones that fire up the left and will allow the talking dickheads at CNN to spend hours demonizing conservatives while making idiotic contradictory statements. “Conservatives want to institute a theocracy! Conservatives want to do away with government of any kind and institute chaos! Conservatives want force women back into the kitchen where they are to remain barefoot and pregnant! Conservatives want to deny women birth control to prevent people from having sex! Conservatives want to throw grandma from a cliff! Conservatives are racist, homophobe, religious fanatics!“ Blah, blah, blah. Do you ever see democrat candidates subjected to this level of stupidity by the LSM, ever?

I was not disappointed when I looked at transcripts or commentary about the debate. This bullshit CYA for Obama tactic is exactly what the CNN debate was all about. Important questions conservatives care about? Not a chance. A few, like the Iranian nuclear problem, got short shrift. Even more important ones like Obama’s energy policies and the direct resulting rises in the price of gas, or the disastrous impact of Obamanomics on our economy? Not a chance! Forget about Obamacare and how it will unravel our economy. Not a single serious question that conservatives, especially fiscal conservatives, would care to know about, because anytime one of these is asked it puts the massive failure of the last 3 years in contrast. The class warfare nonsense and how damaging it is? Forget that too. All you got was the tripe you always hear from the left when they know they have no real substantive and positive results to stand on, but hope to fool the idiots with the attention span of ADHD kids hopped up on meth, with stupid scare tactics.

The republican candidates that keep letting the LSM set these things up and game the questions, played right into the hands of the left too. Sure, Newt finally got tired and went after the stupid questions, but it was still way too little too late. Seriously, republicans should just avoid the LSM completely. Do not give them a chance to rig these debates like they have to avoid the real issues and turn these debates into Obama campaign supporting events. I do not think there is much to lose by republicans simply saying that they do not feel compelled to help the LSM rig their primaries and help democrats whose policies have wrecked our economy and promise to bankrupt the nation, and that they are done with the LSM. The left will do its campaigning for democrats either way. Lets not make it this easy for them.

All you need to know about jobs is in these graphs

Every time you hear some donkey or the LSM talk about the job creatiod during the second liberal revolution, remember the information in this graph, then put the bullshit they are telling you into perspective. If you want 4 more years of this then by all means reelect the democrats and let them really take the gloves off. Here is a picture of how that’s going to look:

“Pill fight” revisited.

Linking back to Hal’s post on the Obama birth control fiasco and bringing up a new point I think most of us missed when that came out. George Stephanopoulos’ strange and totally unexpected question about birth control during the January 7th republican debate. Most of us ignored it, or saw it as a simple desperate leftist attempt to create the kind of controversy that benefits them, while actually derailing the debate from the topics of importance like the economic disaster the last 3 years have been. Seriously, contraceptives when Obama is running trillion dollar plus annual deficits, adding $5 trillion to the debt in a short 3 years, unemployment is sky-high despite the fudged reported numbers, and the economy is moving slower than a snail? But in hindsight, the Stephanopoulos question seems to point to an even greater controversy than the question itself, the timing of the question, the Obama contraceptives mandate, and the recent efforts to back off of it considering the negative backlash, combined.

Think this through. In January, a month before the WH puts out their controversial mandate, an elite member of the LSM, and a former democrat political player, drops a ludicrous bomb shell question, during a republican debate where everyone is focused on the disastrous economic practices of the last 3 years. We all assume he is just doing this in the hopes of getting the republicans to say dumb things the WH could then use to claim republicans want to keep women barefoot and pregnant slaves. Newt smacks Stephanopoulos down so hard that his mother reeled from that hit, obviously denying the left any of the juicy footage they where hoping to get, we all assume, and most of us just forget the incident.

Fast forward a month, and there comes the controversial Obama contraceptives mandate. BOOM! The leftists think they are about to score a huge win with this mandate, because the right is going to make fools of themselves fighting it. To them, government control of all aspects of life, especially when it flies in the face of them fairy-in-the-sky worshippers, is a big bonus, and a win-win argument. Let the bloodbath begin! And we all start arguing that controversial decision and what it means, just like they expected. Only things they “miscalculated” as whatever battle plan the WH had, goes south, and does so fast. Almost everyone understands what a blatantly unconstitutional pile of garbage this idiotic mandate is, and they all say so. Eventually the WH even finds itself backing down and trying to reach a compromise, albeit unsuccessfully so far.

But there is a bigger issue here that nobody has yet brought up: was Stephanopoulos working for the WH when he asked his question during the republican debate? Feeling the ground or hoping to create some controversy that the WH, which was planning this contraceptive mandate, could use for political gain? Sure, it all could be a coincidence, but considering the track record of how the left works, their past transgressions of this kind, and how they love to coordinate their “message”, I think the odds of Islamic radicals suddenly becoming mother Theresa-like care givers and completely turning on their violent ways, are better. No, I think we can, and with certitude, point out that there has to be a connection here, and that it basically again shows how the LSM is completely in the pocket of the left. Basically it now looks like Stephanopoulos was doing the WH’s dirty work for them. Expect a lot more of that. In fact, we should all be wondering how much more of this is going on that we have not yet caught on to.

Some good news about another member of the LSM

On this first Friday in February I figured I would share some great news with you. There is justice in the universe. Yeah, they try to pretend the problem is that readers are ditching print for digital media, but that is like saying people are ditching arsenic and eating healthy. Most of us went digital because the LSM, which accounts for the bulk of the printed media output, simply isn’t worth the materials their screed is printed on.

Note also how the NYT, one of the biggest proponents of liberal lala-land sure as hell seems to want to run itself just like one of those evil corporations they so love demonizing, huh? The financial demise of the liberal propaganda machine can’t come quick enough for me. Watch the democrats come up with regulations to bail these shills out and/or subsidize the propaganda, just like they have entities like ACORN, or whatever they call the numerous spinoffs of this dirty conglomerate these days, in the name of some kind of fairness or another. The paying public be damned for not just eating these shit sandwiches up and asking for more.

Holder caught in a lie: LSM yawns

Late last Friday in a dump they hoped everyone would miss, the DOJ released a series of documents related to operation “Fast & Furious” that all but make it a given Eric Holder lied to congress when he first told them the whopper that he had not heard about the operation until a few weeks before he showed up to testify. He then compounded that lie by claiming it might be weeks instead of months. The document dump shows Holder knew about “Fast & Furious” from the very damned start, and as people now doing the work the LSM is avoiding are finding out, might even have been behind the whole thing from the start.

As I pointed out when the story broke out, only to be chastised because I could not meet some standard of evidence even a court doesn’t expect from it’s participants, or because the LSM was avoiding the story, and when forced to cover it, they where spinning everything favorably for the Obama Administration, this was going to be a whopper. Our DOJ ran an operation, on foreign soil, that cost people their lives, all so they could then affect public perception and support for disarming people. This is the kind of high stakes tyrannical bullshit I expect from gun hating collectivists, and I pointed out the order very likely came straight from the Oval office, only to be excoriated for daring to point out what I clearly see as a plan to push for Obama’s new America.

The DOJ is now de facto been identified as a player. Holder now is about to be grilled again in front of Congress, and while I am sure the left will rally around him to protect him, this display of “support” is going to only help get people to see how cynical and vile the left is in their pursuit of power: and have no doubt that disarming law abiding citizens is a prerequisite to tyrannical control of the populous. We also already know that there are many links to the WH. And sooner than later we will also find out Holder took his order from the very top. Mark my words. Those that want to defend the indefensible can start flinging pooh now, and pray it distracts the people long enough for the crooks to steal another election and really get busy.

Obligatory Newt Debate Post

I have already seen many, many people, mostly on the left, in the media, but not limited to them only, complain about how unfair they find it that people reacted positively to Newt Gingrich slapping down the CNN reporter that started last nights Carolina Republican debate with the question about an interview done with Newt’s disgruntled ex-wife that was done by ABC, very likely to be aired post Carolina primary to function as a hit piece, but which got derailed by Drudge’s early mention of ABCs plans to do just that. The talking point from these members of the fifth column is that this was a legitimate question for any serious reporter to ask. So those that like me reveled in Newt slapping King down, or as the members of the LSM now all say, “deflecting” the blame to the poor reporter doing his job while not answering, miss the point completely.

It’s not whether this was a legitimate question or not: it is. It’s the fact that these scumbags in the LSM that now are trying to hide behind the excuse that they where just doing their job and reporting on news, seem to ONLY care about these sorts of “legitimate” questions when the target, and yes, have no doubt Newt was a target of this hit piece, are republicans. If you doubt this I recommend you go look at how the members of the LSM treated much larger scandalous information that make the whole Newt wanted an open marriage deal look tame, in the past. Let’s start with the 1992 elections. Bill Clinton was accused of raping someone. They gave him a fluff question he could knock out the park, and declared the matter closed. The woman accusing him was basically dismissed as trailer trash and not credible.

Fast forward to 1996. We now have confirmation Clinton is a sex fiend, after it became obvious, despite LSM’s attempts to cover for him, that he was diddling chubby interns and groping anything in a skirt. It’s now obvious that the accusation the media so nonchalantly dismissed in 1992 as false was dead on. Did they do a 180 and hammer Clinton? Fuck, they defended him. The accused everyone that dared point out Clinton was a liar and had lied under oath when questioned about this and other things, of actually being sexual prudes that were pissed Clinton was getting himself “some, some”, and dismissed this all as just stuck up shitbags making a mountain out of a molehill.

Skip the next guy, which the esteemed members of the DNC’s fifth column tried to demonize & destroy, and let’s not forget that in addition to parroting whatever bullshit lines the DNC spoke as factual some of them even got caught making up shit about Bush’s TANG service, before an election of all cases, to the 2008 election. Remember John Edwards and how interested the LSM was in his martial infidelities before the National Inquirer, a gossip rag, basically did the story its due diligence and forced the LSM to finally report on how big of a scumbag their glided hair boy was? Yeah, they avoided the story and made excuses for the guy. Though questions? Yeah, right.

And let us not forget the two other players in that election. They not only covered for the first one, they basically chose to protect him by focusing all their might on digging up any kind of dirt they could find on the VP of the other party. They got that unqualified asswipe elected to the office of the POTUS – we all know from the last 3 years how disastrous that unvetted and inexperienced marxist empty suit has been for the country – and continue even today with their insane obsession of Palin.

See the pattern yet? If you do, you understand why people like me cheered Newt for slapping down the LSM. Because despite their claim to just be doing their job, it is pretty evident to those of us that don’t have our heads firmly up our asses, that these members of the LSM seem to believe their job is to dig up dirt and attack republicans, and republicans only. If the dirt is bad enough to torpedo a democrat, they ignore or minimize it. It isn’t until recently, when the blogosphere deprived the LSM of their much abused ability to control the news and kill any damaging stories that could hurt their DNC counterparts – like the Wiener showing his wiener incident which did not go away and ended costing Weiner his job – that we finally got a break. And it is even more refreshing to see someone, even if it is someone like Gingrich, which most of us conservatives don’t feel is anything close to an ideal, let alone good candidate, finally fighting back.

Conservatives, and especially anyone that wants to be a conservative politician, need to learn that the LSM is the enemy, one that will never give them a fair shake when it counts, and that they need to be treated it as such. When they do their hit piece on conservatives call them out on it. Do not play their game. Point out the double standard. The more national exposure the podium the do this on, the more valuable the event to educate people about the fact the members of the fifth column are more interested in doing the left’s dirty work then report news. That’s the reason why so many, like me, where ecstatic and celebrated when Newt did just something like that, and pointed out the excuse that they where just doing their job when they pull these kinds of hit pieces on republicans only, was bullshit.

Get it yet?