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Can you give me an example?

If you have not heard about it, and if you get your news from the LSM I am sure you haven’t, our Community Organizer in Chief managed to both incense an ally, and embarrass America in the Latin community, with one of those usual stupid moments we here in the US take for granted whenever TOTUS is having difficulty. Speaking to members at Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia about the British Falkland islands, … Read more

Things to ponder

The WSJ has an interesting article about the current job claims puzzle:

Something about the U.S. economy isn’t adding up.

At 8.3%, the unemployment rate has fallen 0.7 percentage point from a year earlier and is down 1.7 percentage points from a peak of 10% in October 2009. Many other measures of the job market are improving. Companies have expanded payrolls by more than 200,000 a month for the past three months, according to

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Rigged poll fails, but LSM still sneaks in the left’s the talking points.

Talk about your bullshit polls. Not only do they not give you the details to take a look at, they talk circles around the most obvious finding: people want government to cut spending.

I am always dubious of ANY poll that doesn’t let me see the details. Who did they poll, when, what was the exact question asked, and how was it asked are all critical in understanding if your poll’s results should be … Read more

Republicans, debates, and the LSM.

Last night there was a republican debate. Let me admit I didn’t bother to watch it. That’s because I knew CNN was moderating this, and I suspected that they would be far more interested in asking bullshit questions that have nothing to do with the abysmal job Obama and the democrats have been doing. I was nit disappointed. The bulk of the questions were idiotic ones that fire up the left and will allow the … Read more

All you need to know about jobs is in these graphs

Every time you hear some donkey or the LSM talk about the job creatiod during the second liberal revolution, remember the information in this graph, then put the bullshit they are telling you into perspective. If you want 4 more years of this then by all means reelect the democrats and let them really take the gloves off. Here is a picture of how that’s going to look:

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“Pill fight” revisited.

Linking back to Hal’s post on the Obama birth control fiasco and bringing up a new point I think most of us missed when that came out. George Stephanopoulos’ strange and totally unexpected question about birth control during the January 7th republican debate. Most of us ignored it, or saw it as a simple desperate leftist attempt to create the kind of controversy that benefits them, while actually derailing the debate from the topics of … Read more

Some good news about another member of the LSM

On this first Friday in February I figured I would share some great news with you. There is justice in the universe. Yeah, they try to pretend the problem is that readers are ditching print for digital media, but that is like saying people are ditching arsenic and eating healthy. Most of us went digital because the LSM, which accounts for the bulk of the printed media output, simply isn’t worth the materials their … Read more

Holder caught in a lie: LSM yawns

Late last Friday in a dump they hoped everyone would miss, the DOJ released a series of documents related to operation “Fast & Furious” that all but make it a given Eric Holder lied to congress when he first told them the whopper that he had not heard about the operation until a few weeks before he showed up to testify. He then compounded that lie by claiming it might be weeks instead of months. … Read more

Obligatory Newt Debate Post

I have already seen many, many people, mostly on the left, in the media, but not limited to them only, complain about how unfair they find it that people reacted positively to Newt Gingrich slapping down the CNN reporter that started last nights Carolina Republican debate with the question about an interview done with Newt’s disgruntled ex-wife that was done by ABC, very likely to be aired post Carolina primary to function as a hit … Read more

Lord of the flies, baby!

This is what the “social justice”, anti-capitalist, “we hate the establishment” crowd is all about. These are “their people” and the things they do while they are trying to “do good”.

They call the NYPD — and it becomes abundantly clear that the cops down there are sick of the antics. “Every single night it’s the same thing. I mean, some guy was a victim of rape!” an officer snarls. “There comes a time

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