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More proof the left is a bunch of economic illiterates.

This past weekend Matt Drudge of the famous Drudge Report website started a firestorm that had all the usual credentialed LSM idiots thinking they had scored a huge hit against a man they have hated for being instrumental in showing the LSM’s hypocritical status as nothing but a DNC propaganda machine. The controversy started with a tweet from Drudge about having paid what he labeled a “Liberty tax” in the case of the Obamacare penalty. … Read more

More battlespace preparations..

In an article, carried in Al Jazeera of all places, titled Jill Abramson talks to John Seigenthaler, we find one tid-bit of information pertinent to the recent conversation about the secretive nature of this WH – the one that claimed it would be the most transparent administration EVAH! back during the early campaign days – and the reason so many people are finally catching on that this den of thieves is up to no … Read more

Progtard narrative misleading yet again

Let me start by saying that the death of a child is a terrible thing, but I just can’t stand the progtard’s deceptive use of tragedy to rob us of our freedoms, especially when statistics tell a different story than the one they want you to hear. From this stupid article:

About 500 American children and teenagers die in hospitals every year after sustaining gunshot wounds — a rate that climbed by nearly 60

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LSM doing 2014 battlespace preparation

I suspect that we are going to be flooded with articles like this one about the racism in America that can only be kept at bay by electing democrats the closer the 2010 election gets to us. The whole made up Trayvon Martin and White Hispanic George Zimmerman thing sure served to get out the vote, so I expect the LSM to gin up as many of these as they can. Case in point this … Read more

CONSENSUS! So it must be true.

It must be true because the members of propaganda arm of the DNC say it is so, and we all know that when the LSM says so, it is so:

The nation’s big three news networks are falling right into place for President Obama and the Democrats, blaming the Republican Party for the government shutdown by a whopping 21-0 story count.

According to a survey by the conservative media watchdog Media Research Center, in

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Some Obamacare updates..

When the LA Times has to call you out on a blatant lie, it must suck ass:

California’s health insurance exchange vastly overstated the number of online hits it received Tuesday during the rollout of Obamacare. State officials said the Covered California website got 645,000 hits during the first day of enrollment, far fewer than the 5 million it reported Tuesday. The state exchange had cited the 5 million figure as a sign of

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One of these is not the same…

There was that Sesame Street game when I was a wee lad in the days of the dinosaurs, where the protagonists always sang that song about one of the items not being the same or not belonging, and in this case of the recent Time Magazine release, I think the same applies.

One of these doesn't belong

One of these doesn’t belong

Heh….… Read more

As if we needed anymore proof..

That our current media is replete with DNC operatives or people that will favor the DNCs agenda because it helps advance their careers, we hear that Richard Stengel – Time Magazine editor – is leaving Time for Obama’s State Department. The scary thing is that he is one of many others. Now don’t get me wrong: many in the media end up working for government in one way or another. The issue here … Read more

Well, DUH!

Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic has an article titled Why Does the American Media Get Big Stories Wrong? where he tries to use the typical liberal mumbo jumbo bullshit to supposedly respond to an article by a conservative pointing out that the LSM gets the story wrong because they are a bunch of biased idiots too eager to serve their leftists masters and keep the narrative going.

His whole article is nevertheless worth reading (with

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If it quacks like a duck…

There is this saying that if it walks, quacks, and swims like a duck, then it is a duck that seems to be very appropriate when we discover that key agents of the tyrannical and corrupt Obama administration, currently mired in a slew of scandals of governmental power abuses targeted at political enemies, some that have even caused loss of lives, has “special emails” they use to communicate with each other. News form … Read more

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