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Because this is a lot better than GITMO! and NOT BOOSH!

Boosh was evil for finding the least ugly solution to a horrible problem and giving us GITMO, while Clinton’s rendition policies never caused consternation until they could blame Boosh for them too. So I wonder how soon they will be blaming Boosh for Obama now using NAVY vessels to circumvent the faux-angst the left had about questioning & detaining terrorist prisoners. From the article.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Instead of sending suspected terrorists to Guantanamo

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Another scumbag donkey barely makes the news.

If you get your news from the usual LSM outlets, I am sure you are going to be totally surprised about another politician being accused of despicable behavior. You can not fault them for having puerile posts like this one, even though the “NJ’s Menendez flees ho heat” title is catchy, which is incredibly light on facts and pretends this revelation is a recent development. There is one heck of a serious story of … Read more

Benghazi-gate update

The usual LSM outlets are reporting nonsense like CBS affiliate in DC which are trying to pretend that there is no stank to this whole fiasco. Yeah, Panetta, certainly isn’t doing CYA for the WH at all. Not everyone is playing along, though. Maybe it is because they are tired of getting thrown under that Obama bus. I already talked about the Clinton’s sticking it back to Barack for his attempt to throw Hillary under Read more