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Kids Say The Darnedest Things

Free for me, but not for thee…….don’t recall me reading about this attitude as real prevalent with the founding fathers. But it has been very prevalent within the ranks of the left. We see this in many ways, from the vigorous effort to re instate The Fairness Doctrine to even the very definition of diversity as being applied only in terms of skin color or gender, not diversity of ideas or beliefs. Thus, we have the next generation of leaders spoon fed a limited application of one of this countries greatest freedoms. Check this video out concerning those best and brightest and how they would continue the tradition of unfettered speech:



Alright, to be fair, it would take some critical thinking skills, some dot connecting, to associate banning those with different points  of view from the radio as some how denying them free speech. But notice that the interviewer even tried to give them a heads up, several of them, but it just did not register. Bless their pea brains but maybe they thought that this was not really about free speech since these radio blowhards still have their newspaper columns, or their website, or the blogs, or other means to spread the hate. But when presented with only two concepts, removing evil people from the radio, evil people/radio,they could not fight their reflective nature and grabbed that pen with gusto.


Even the guy at the 1:30 mark, who almost came to his senses and spotted the prank, even he signed the petition. And the guy at the 1:50 mark, he is going to be your boss in about 10 years, just don’t call him stupid to his face.


There is a great Howard Stern bit where he sent a reporter to Harlem before the last presidential election and asked some questions, all the while switching the position of the candidates, funny as hell


The loss of liberties will not come at the end of a gun, but will die from neglect and starvation.