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Different Shades Of Right

Although this blog is primarily right thinking and all the authors are right of center, some further to the right then others, even the rightest of the right can still disagree on application. Thankfully most here are adults and very little “card checking” goes on, the few instances where it has happened (you know who you are) those opinions aren’t worth much anyway. But what makes a blog like this fun is how different opinions, all coming from either a conservative or libertarian perspective, all mesh with each other.

Some here have brought up Ann Coulter as a standard barer (to them) and someone who’s opinions they admire. For my own self, there are a lot of things she says I agree with, others are just nuts. But mostly what I like about Ann is her uncanny ability to cause maximum discomfort and constipation within the prog community, she has it down to a science. And in case you haven’t been paying attention Ann has come out as endorsing Mitt Romney.

Naturally, the primary season is time to slug it out, not only between the contenders but even amongst the conservatives of this blog, which candidate is more conservative, which candidate is more electable, do we even need a conservative to win, all inquiries worthy of debate, because all the other experts, pundits, and arm chair prognosticators are at it as well:

I was stunned when conservative author Ann Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney for president. I love Ann. I even named her in my tribute song honoring Conservative women, “Our Girls.”

Why would one of my conservative heroes select a liberal-lite to run against the Mike Tyson of political opponents? No, I am not suggesting that Obama would bite off the ear of our presidential candidate, but Obama is a Chicago-style, no-holds-barred politician. If your opposition brings a political stick, you bring a political gun. That’s the Chicago Way.

As chairman of the CampaignToDefeatObama.com, I have taken heat from folks on our side angry because of our ad exposing Romney’s liberal choices and tendencies.

Folks, here is the deal. Romney is not a conservative. Yes, Romney has made some conservative choices. But they seem to have come after he has been dragged kicking and screaming to the conservative side of the street.

I had never heard of Lloyd Marcus before, but I’m glad I found him. Not much I can quibble with him on, maybe this:

Intellectuals in our party such as Coulter and others are rallying around Romney because they fear that America will not elect a pedal-to-the-metal true conservative. They believe that we need a liberal-lite to defeat Obama.

That’s not it. I have zero doubt that Ann feels the same way I do, when I have mentioned here many times that in a stand up fight a true conservative would always beat a true liberal. Ann would much rather back Newt or Herman, or even Michelle if they did not have the baggage that they have. But she wants to win, she has not lost sight of the true objective, to send Obama packing.

The fact that Ann has not thrown her lot in with Cain, the more conservative of those electable, is that she feels the same way I do, he is not ready. Put him in the VP slot, within smacking distance of Romney to keep him on the straight and narrow.

I also found it interesting that in the video I posted, Ann wants Romney/Cain to govern for 8 years, then turn the reigns over to Christie in 2020, as if Cain would just stand idly by and allow that to happen. I wish Hannity would have pushed her on that scenario.

Like Bill Whittle and his cohorts over at PJTV, Ann is part of that cadre of folks, several in all, that I pay attention to for their take on things, but that does not mean that they are never wrong. And the fun part starts when 2 or more of those intellectual heavy weights disagree (sometimes vehemently) on an issue. There are several shades of right, and on most issues, the sweet spot is found in combining one or more of those shades.