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Impervious With Age

Nothing surprises me anymore, and I guess I should be pitied for that. News about graft, corruption, lawbreaking without consequences, it’s all part of our current culture. When I read about how much Obama is sticking us for, a shrug of the shoulders, when news of a prominent cabinet official breaking the law, I figure nothing will happen to her, and when we see over and over how Justice (I’m drowning in the irony) perverts their authority, I look at who is at the top, say to myself ,”Yep, that whole fish/head/rotten thingee”, then grab for the remote.

I know it should not bother me when the MSM gets caught in a lie, lies are about the only thing they do well anymore, but this isn’t really all that bothersome, more anecdotal, more hilarious in the revelation of the botched collusion, and all for sticking with the message. H/T to iowntheworld:

Of course this is one of their less subversive lies, more doctoring of the tape, but it does illustrate how much of a douchebag that Joe Scarborough has turned out to be. I used to like that guy, and figured that he, like Pat Buchanan and SE Cupp, went over the wall as more of a spy mission, more to convert the heathen, boy was I wrong.

I read somewhere a few weeks ago, I know it was a Vanity Fair piece (yes, Mika with a lobotomy would be worth the price of dinner), where that POS mentioned a possible run again in the near future for political office. He is as dead to me as Todd Akin, deader. He knew damn well what duplicity was going on, yet he purveys in the filth with alacrity, and he is supposed to be a Republican.