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Subsidized Self Esteem

For those devoting even a cursory amount of time keeping up with all the crises of late, we got much on our plates. Continuous debt ceiling talks (who walked out in a huff today?), a review of our credit rating by Moody’s , a collective scramble to cut spending with no concrete solutions, a runaway ponzi scheme SS and Medicare system that nobody can tame or control, and a nationwide chorus of “throw them all out” directed at all the incompetents who dare to come to us with their hand out, asking for more money because they were unable to do with the job with what they had. Yep, some major fish to fry. And given the calamitous position we find ourselves, what legislation is congress working on? How about making girls feel better about themselves?

Despite the obesity epidemic, North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, Wisconsin Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin, and Academy Award-winning actress Geena Davis are pushing legislation to encourage the media to produce healthier images of women.

They say women and girls feel overly pressured to be thin.

The trio convened with teenage Girl Scouts Wednesday to promote their bill, the Healthy Media for Youth Act, which would facilitate research on how the media affects women, create a grant program for youth empowerment groups, and establish a National Taskforce on Women and Girls in the Media to set standards ”that promote healthy, balanced, and positive images of girls and women.”

That’s what we need, to spend more money on another dopey grant. 2 Dems. and a Hollywood airhead, figures. With all the pressing issues, this is what they focus on, nice work ladies.

Let’s take a look at the actual wording of the bill.

To authorize grants to promote media literacy and youth empowerment programs, to authorize research on the role and impact of depictions of girls and women in the media, to provide for the establishment of a National Task Force on Girls and Women in the Media, and for other purposes.

This, in a nutshell, is why liberalism is such a vile insipid debilitating disease. First of all, they have no sense of priorities, sure, as the Titanic is sinking, let’s make sure we don’t burn the souffle. They make everyone victims, “It’s not your fault that you are fat and lazy, blame those Victoria Secret models, shrews”. They kill all initiative or individuality ,”Don’t bother trying to change your condition yourself, it’s OK to frumpy and depressed”. They penalize empowerment ,”Sure, you could eat better, hit the gym, and take care of yourself but that would mean that you would be responsible for yourself, let’s not go crazy, we-the government-will provide for both your well being and your self esteem”. They think you are weak and stupid, unable to fend for yourself or take care of yourself, if there is a problem, establish a task force to study the problem and fund it to the hilt with federal dollars.

Does anybody find this whole thing a bit hypocritical that some skinny Hollywood celebrity is telling women that they need to embrace their curves? Hey Geena, gain 40lbs then you can open your trap.

More liberal superfluous flummery to deal with, spending money they don’t have on issues they have no business sticking their noses in, and telling folks it’s OK to be indolent, to be a loser. Oh, and that self esteem mime they peddle. You know how to feel better about yourself? do something worthy, accomplish something, try, make an effort, put yourself out there and do, don’t whine.