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Who Doesn’t Love Lesbians?

Enough already, you guys want the right to marry, have at it, anything to get you to shut up;

I’ll say one thing about lesbians, they sure are a whiz at math, look how quick she did that whole 9/41 ciphering thing, all in her head.

Not a bad angle to shoot for. Most of that stuff sounds pretty good to me, but lipstick lesbians? How dumb do they think we are? For every Portia de Rossi, there is an Ellen DeGeneres, make sure you get the right one. Of course if we really want to stare reality right in the mug.

Some definite advantages; you would not mind her having the girls over, and taking her to the local sports bar to watch MNF over a pitcher and some wings, you would get the lion share of both. But somehow I can’t shake the feeling that most lesbians are batshit crazy, the type that would either stalk you or cut off your dick after sex when you fell asleep on her.

And that incessant liberal mantra they keep babbling about, who could put up with that for more then 10 minutes?

Probably best if they stick with their own kind, a mutual affinity for hairy pits and all.