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When I first saw this piece, I thought it’s title was “Hillary eats souls to boost lagging black turnout”, which is actually more accurate to me, considering the type of person she is. Alas, the story was about Hillary pandering to try and pretend she cares. Not that I think even video of Hillary eating souls would make her fans turn their backs on her. It’s not as if they don’t know she is a scary thing already, but just don’t care because they actually are crazy enough to think she cares about them.

NYT caught shilling for Shillary

In case you didn’t get to see it, the NYT ran a hit-piece on Trump titled “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private“, where they used quotes from women to basically paint the picture that Trump was a cad. Unfortunately for the scumbags at the NYT that feel obligated to shill for democrats, and for Hillary Clinton in particular, one of the people they “misquoted” (that is me being sarcastic, because I have no doubt they lied on purpose) decided to fight back.

I guess the idiots at the NYT felt that they could lie with impunity and that since nobody in the DNC controlled media would give these people they were lying about a forum to call them out. By the time the truth comes out, it is too late because people made the wrong choices already. Let me point out that this is a tactic used to not just elect, but reelect Obama by the DNC controlled media, and thus considered very effective by these propagandists. I guess they got unlucky that one of the people they chose to lie about not only had the avenue to get the truth out, but chose to do so. Maybe people in the LSM that want to make a name for themselves should find some of these other women quoted, and see if their story checks out. My guess is that the lot of it was fabricated by the scumbags at the NYT.

Let me be clear that I wouldn’t mind real investigation into people running for high office’s personal behavior, if I for a second believed that the media actually meant to just inform the public. But the problem is that whenever you get one of the SJW hit pieces it tends to be replete with falsehoods and always targets non-democrats to push an ideology that basically is evil. If the shitheads in the LSM had vetted Obama with the same expediency and faked rigor they felt was necessary to undermine candidates like Palin, Romney, and now Trump (see a pattern there yet?), and applied the same rigor to any democrat, I think we would never see another democrat winning any election. You might think Trump is a blowhard and likely to make a mediocre president like I do, but then again, I am willing to bet money that he can’t sink to the level of Obama, and for that matter the stupidity of Sanders or the criminal behavior of any of the Clintons.

BTW, I have some advice for the NYT and rest of the DNC controlled media about finding men that treat women like sex objects and shit: if you want to do a serious hit piece, one based on truth and that targets a real scumbag that abuses women, write about Bill Clinton. No need to make up any facts there to show how much of a lowlife that dude is. But nobody at the NYT, or in the LSM for that matter, seems interested in actually writing objective pieces about members of the DNC, where we have real despicable and law breaking activity going on constantly, precisely because they feel they are protected by the media.

Not the title I would use, and other stuff like that

Bloomberg has an article up, titled Dow Companies Invest in Clinton — With One Holdout, in which they make the assertion that 29 out of 30 Dow Jones companies have chosen to donate to Hillary Clinton. That gave me a good laugh, seeing as, at least to me, and to anyone that has any intelligence, I add, that this is more akin to a combination of these companies paying Dane geld to avoid the famous Clinton wrath, and them buying favor from the political party and person most likely to be for sale. Before you try to argue that I am being unfair saying this I would like to remind you how the Clintons sold out the Lincoln room for donation. You didn’t forget that, right?

What you have here is nothing other than these companies hedging their bets and “investing” in buying the favors from the candidate most likely to hold a grudge and sell favors. But of course, the demcorats are the party of the little people, and Hillary their Joan of Arc. Yu buy favors from the left in crony capitalist America. BTW, this harpy also seems to not have picked up on how problematic admitting you think the sheep should not have the means to defend themselves is. And Lewinsky seems to have crawled out of whatever rock she had been hiding under to remind people who the original “War on Women” perps are.

Battlespace preparations: Billary is a hawk!

So, Time magazine has some fluff piece where they desperately are trying to make Hillary look like a bad ass, both a military genius and reserved statesmen, and it is blatantly obvious:

Midway through Barack Obama’s first term as president, U.S. officials grew alarmed that Israel might launch a unilateral air strike against Iran’s nuclear program. Iran had snubbed Obama’s outreach after the 2008 election, and rejected an October 2009 international proposal to ship most of its enriched uranium out of the country—stirring pessimism about prospects for a future breakthrough.

“Militarily, I thought we needed to prepare for a possible Israeli attack and Iranian retaliation,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates writes in his new memoir, Duty. At a January 2010 Oval Office meeting, Gates told Obama “he needed to consider the ramifications of a no-warning Israeli attack,” including whether the U.S. would assist Israel and how it would respond to Iranian retaliation.

Around the same time, senior officials met to discuss ways the U.S. might dissuade Israeli Prime Minister from taking unilateral action. In one such meeting, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton raised a bracing question, according to two former Obama administration officials: Was it possible that, instead of trying to restrain Israel, the U.S. should instead provide what one of those official described as “a tacit green light to the Israelis to take care of the problem for us”? In other words, instead of begging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give diplomacy more time, perhaps it was worth telling him to go proceed with airstrikes.

Get that? Time is desperately trying to make it look that while Obama’s people, all desperately looking for a peaceful solution, because we all know that peace must happen at all costs, Hillary was the only one with the brains and balls to think about the obvious alternative! What a show of genius and strength. She is a true friend of Israel. However, just to make sure nobody can accuse her of being a warmonger, lets add this:

Clinton did not actually endorse the idea. She only raised the notion “as one option to consider,” according to one former official, who adds that it gained no traction inside the administration. Clinton’s current press secretary, Nick Merrill, did not respond to requests for comment this week on this matter.

Double genius! She has her cake and eats it too! Our first female president-to-be was just thinking outside the box. Straddle both sides of that fence. Only problem I have with this narrative is that it smells of massive bullshit, and I am willing to bet money it is made up shit.

No, not just because she is a democrat, but because she already was caught lying, at least twice. First up was here ludicrous story about being fired on by a sniper in Bosnia, a revelation that turned out to be a blatant falsehood. Such a lie should have ended this woman’s career, but because she is a progtard, it actually enhanced it. She then ran for president. I remind you that it was her campaign that started both the rumors about Obama not being a US citizen and that he was associated with radicals, be they muslims or just creeps like reverend White. Of course these days most people forget or ignore these facts and pretend it was the other side that did this. They are after all racists, misogynists, homophobic, sexist, poor robbing, evil conservatives. Billary lost out to Obama, and in a wise move, to keep her from stabbing him in the back, Obama made her Sec State. That’s where the my exhibit B comes from: Benghazi-gate. This is the shit I associate with Hillary Clinton: made up crap and epic failures that cost lives and lead to more made up crap.

So spare me the bullshit propaganda that Hillary is such a genius, a friend of Israel, and a peacenik all wrapped in one, because you have a better chance of making an argument she is the tooth fairy, than that one. When it comes to Iran, or any other such national security issue, Hillary will be just a bad as Obama, if not worse.