Tag: Leftists lose big

I know it is wrong…

But man am I enjoying this NYT story about the sale of the Boston Globe and its implications. From their article (emphasis mine):

The New York Times Company, in its latest move to shed assets and focus more on its core brand, has agreed to sell The Boston Globe and its other New England media properties to John W. Henry, principal owner of the Boston Red Sox.

The sale, for $70 million, would return the paper to local ownership after two decades in which it struggled to stem the decline in circulation and revenue. The price would represent a staggering drop in value for The Globe, which The Times bought in 1993 for $1.1 billion, the highest price paid for an American newspaper.


The stupid NYT spent 1.1 billion to buy the globe, pushed their progressive nonsense, or as they refer to it, their core brand, then end, up selling it for a measly $70 million, because most real people would prefer to avoid the left leaning fairy tales the NYT, and for that matter the Globe, passes off as news these days. Again, the leftists are reminded by the economics of the real world why their ideas suck ass.

I am enjoying this and I don’t care if you think that’s bad on my part. Nobody deserves the royal shafting they are getting as much as the NYT. Nothing pleases me more than to see dumb ideas and those that push them rewarded with pain. Fuck these sycophants and their progressive bullshit. It could not be happening to bigger idiots IMO. In an age where the media has abdicated their duty to tell the people about how bad their government is behaving, simply because said government is an ideological fellow traveler, and those that don’t toe the line risk retaliation, watching the NYT get it, pleases me to no end. Maybe they can line up with the many other progressive entities facing the economic reality of their stupid policies, like Detroit, for federal bail outs.