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Diplomacy in the age of Obama

When a friend sent me this link and I read the article, I thought I was looking at an Onion piece of humor. From the WaPo link:

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Paris after the White House apologized for not sending a high-ranking official to a massive unity rally after the terrorist attacks there.

And he brought a friend by the name of James Taylor.

And James Taylor sang “You got a friend” to the Cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys.

I guess it could have been worse: they could have sent Kerry to France with an iPod full of Obama speeches.

Calling the shit coming out of this WH amateur hour is an insult to amateurs. Remember these fuckwads telling us how bad Boosh was at foreign policy? Yeah, well, they make the stupid shit Boosh did look like pure genius these days.

You can’t make this level of stupid up. You just can’t. For those that have still not wizened up, Obama’s fundamentally changed America is basically a fucking shithole run by incompetent and stupid fucks that rob the productive blind.

Maybe they should send Dolly Parton to Moscow to sing for Putin or something. Them big titties might mellow the guy out!


Remember that if someone had done a parody like this about these bozos, we would all be hearing that it was done because the producer was a racist/evil bastard. But there they go doing it in real life. Priceless.

By request: Obama destroys US – Collectivists compare Boosh to Hitler

While Obama and the band of thieves collectively referred to as the democratic party are destroying the country at a harrowing pace – and have no doubt that Obama is doing the same things the left went bat shit about when Boosh was doing them, only Obama is doing this on steroids, but getting a pass – it should not surprise anyone that shit like this is being pushed by the usual suspects:

A D.C. public school gave a sixth grade class a homework assignment that required students to draw comparisons between former President George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler.

The assignment was given out this week at McKinley Tech Middle School in Northeast and has angered at least one parent who complained about the homework.

A copy of the assignment, made by the parent, instructs students to draw examples from two texts they were assigned and to fill in a Venn diagram with similarities and differences between the two men.

“Now that we have read about two men of power who abused their power in various ways, we will compare and contrast them and their actions. Please refer to your texts, ‘Fighting Hitler — A Holocaust Story’ and ‘Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite No WMD’ to compare and contrast former President George W. Bush and Hitler. We will use this in class tomorrow for an activity!” reads the text at the top of the assignment.

If you were inclined to believe the bullshit that this was an exercise to just compare abuse of power, they should have picked Obama. The downright depraved and criminal behavior by this administration has engaged in makes Boosh’s presidency look real good in comparison. Of course, the agenda is to fill the mush heads minds with the belief things are otherwise. The left is desperate to rewrite history, and now doubly so, to provide cover for what is the most corrupt administration to have held power in my lifetime, and just like with everything else, the agenda is to blame Boosh.

A more apt comparison to Hitler would be Obama, and that’s for sure. Both have the same socialist bend in spades, believing that a big all-powerful government run by a strongman, leading the charge and favoring the connected few, is the answer to all the country’s problems. The only thing they have that comes to me immediately as a difference, is that Hitler thought his people and country where the best, and Obama pretends that’s what he believes while acting always to prove that he stands for the contrary.

US Tax payer’s money at use. Shit like this compare Boosh to Hitler nonsense, especially in the age of Obama, whom is a far better fit when you want to discuss criminal behavior and abuse of power, makes dumb shit like this, look like a wise investment.

They will profit from every “crisis” (UPDATED)

And that means even the ones of their own making. These people are absolutely disgusting and craven, but these are the people that the collectivist think will do a better job controlling our access to healthcare than those evil profit making korporashuns. These people don’t have a clue about real world economics or how to make a country work, but they are experts at how to do campaigning, parting fools from their money, and at the use of government force to steal from the productive. From the article:

President Barack Obama is using the disastrous crash of his Obamacare website to extract cash and volunteer hours from his supporters. “By now, you’ve probably heard that the website has not worked as smoothly as it was supposed to,” Obama told his supporters in an email sent out late Tuesday.

“That’s why I need your help,” he said, in a video pitch that links to an online fundraiser. “The other side has already spent a whopping $400 million in anti-Obamacare TV ads,” says the language on the fundraiser site. “We don’t have to beat that, but we need to have the resources to fight back. Make a donation to support OFA today.”

The video illustrates Obama’s eagerness and ability to convert even the most awkward policy setbacks into high-profile political campaigns that can help his progressive coalition. The money may be used to support Obamacare, but it likely will also be used to help Obama wage his next election campaign — the 2014 midterm election.

In the video, Obama also offers his supporters a psychological reward for joining “Team Obamacare.”

The short of their message is that even though they spent over $625 million of tax payer money to put together a giant failure, that republicans somehow, who because they have all along been saying that these idiots healthcare system takeover would do exactly as bad as this website is doing, are raising money to stop this abysmal law from doing more damage, are to blame. This all amounts to “Obamacare’s website sucks ass!” so “Blame the republicans!” I am surprised they didn’t find a way to blame evil Boosh too. And their solution? Give us more money to campaign against these evil people pointing out we have no others but ourselves to blame for this failure. And the sheep respond.

Revelations like this is why I am certain that the people that believe an overwhelming all controlling nanny state government is ever the answer to any problem, especially when the problem is their insane jealousy of anyone making profits or being better off than they are, are either insane, masochists, or both.

“I’m asking you to be part of Team Obamacare… I’m asking you to help tell you friends, families, coworkers, classmates, neighbors and anyone else what the Affordable Care Act can mean for them,” he said.

“Remember, nobody ever expected this would be easy — change never is… [but] I’m absolutely confident that we will finish the job of making health care in the country not just a privilege for a fortunate few, but a right for all Americans to enjoy,” he insisted.

Actually, those of us that understood what your side was doing Mr. President knew that this wouldn’t work. We have pointed out that your side lied when they said this would made healthcare affordable, and even in its early stages we already have proof that it will cost far more than anyone imagined. This thing is nothing but a government takeover of our healthcare system and a wealth transfer mechanism that robs the young and healthy to pay for the old and a few without coverage. Your side is straddling the next generations, which are already on the hook for the trillions you have added to the debt in the past 5 years, with even more debt to buy votes now. Anyone still in denial about the fact that your Frankenstein system will make us all pay more, reduce quality & access, and not deliver any of the promises made otherwise about covering those without healthcare, is a fool.

We pointed out that your side lied when they said we would not be able to keep our existing policies, and that’s becoming more apparent with every day that goes by. Employer are now switching to a part-time model, or simply dropping their coverage offerings, as they realize the staggering costs pushed on them by this insane and broken Leviathan, with that trend only accelerating as more and more of them realize that without an exclusion – something only available to those connected and larding your campaign coffers – their business would not be able to compete and thus go under. Even the unions have turned against you as they see the ass rape your law will inflict on their Cadillac plans. It’s not a mistake that the political class opted to vote itself an exclusion from this giant shit sandwich they are making us all eat, either.

We pointed out that your side lied when it pretended it wanted to collect all manner of data – so much of it having nothing at all to do with healthcare – to make the system better, and the abuses are already on display. We have spent over a year now watching your side pretend that the criminal behavior at the IRS was random and limited only to discover it was a coordinated and wide reaching use of one of the most powerful government agencies to target political enemies. The frightening thing is that it is this same government entity, the IRS, which is supposed to oversee so much of this healthcare system. But I am sure people like me that do not want to become serfs of the state have nothing to fear or worry about. Even worse, we now know that your 3 week old website has already had its information given to people connected to identity theft operations. And anybody that at this point still doesn’t understand that your side is using this as a vehicle to expand the already frightening state’s ability to monitor our actions even more, is too stupid to live.

The list of other such lies is long and distinguished. And it doesn’t stop at the lying: the attempts at hiding the truth of how bad this thing really is from people, go real deep. The most ethical and open administration “EVAH!” indeed. That the left still finds so many idiots willing to give them money is just baffling. Oh yeah, speaking of people giving them money: it’s kind of ironic that the healthcare website is such a failure, but the sites you and your Team Blue members use to collect money from the idiots seem to be working like a charm…

UPDATE: In response to the massive criticism of many that they couldn’t even get a primary look at costs until they had completed the onerous and buggy Obamacare website pre-signup, the site’s minders instituted a change that allows people to have a quick pre-look at potential costs up front. Because these coders are fucking amateurs and this site is so shitty a monkey with access to a computer could circumvent its supposed security, I can give you a link directly to the DB they use to provide people with this upfront cost estimate.

Note that the premiums they would present their victims are ONLY for people that are in the middle of the 25-30 or the 50-55 demographic. So if you do not happen to be in either of those demographics, and specifically, you don’t happen to either be 27 or 50, your costs are going to be far higher, as many unsuspecting people are finding out, that you are originally led to believe. Don’t take my word for it: here is a DNC propaganda outlet trying to put a positive spin on that reality. The costs are quite frightening according to people that somehow completed their application as well.

I could say “I told you so”, but the stupid is strong with people that think government is actually interested in doing this right.

Banana republic it is..

All I have to say is if some college had done this to students attending a political event of a republican speaker, I guarantee you there would be hell to pay. But this is our new emperor and the people they fucked over were republicans, so who cares. From the article we find out:

WARRENSBURG – Ten College Republicans were dubbed a security threat and refused admittance to President Barack Obama’s speech at the University of Central Missouri on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that the students had tickets to the event, security personnel turned them away at the door to the recreation center where Obama gave a speech on economic policy, telling the group it wasn’t about their politics but the president’s safety, State Treasurer of the College Republicans Courtney Scott told The College Fix.

The students, some of whom donned Tea Party T-Shirts and others who wore patriotic or Republican-inspired clothing, had protested the president earlier in the day on campus, but had put away their signs and said they were ready to simply listen to Obama when security shut them down – and even told them to leave the vicinity and stay several hundred yards away from the rec center.

The students had waited in a long line and under the hot sun to wind their way to the front of the line two hours in advance of Obama’s scheduled 5:30 p.m. remarks. Still, they were rejected.

“It just didn’t make any sense,” Scott told The Fix. “A lot of us traveled several hours to watch the speech. We were very disappointed not to be able to attend.”

The small group of College Republicans were confused as to why such extreme security precautions were directed at them – but not at the 2,500 other audience members who were granted admission to the event, Scott said.

Seriously? If Obama is such a fucking pussy people protesting his idiot policies are a security threat maybe the mother fucker should stay holed up in his castle in D.C. Despicable, and the parents of these students are paying for the school to fuck them over this way.

Indepentant – mainstream media reporter’s take on Obama selling job plan

Obama’s pandering to people to pass Stimulus Part Deux the same as Jesus talking to disciples! This is what comes from a member of what I am told by those that claim to know better than me what qualifies one as a member of the independent/mainstream circle, and it beats any possible parody you can dream up with. If this nonsense is what it takes to be mainstream or independent, I can honestly say that I am proud to be amongst the radicals. No surprise it comes from NPR, that oh so centrist and mainstream, “press” organization.

Leftist scumbag fails to see the irony of his own pronouncement

Krugman, that jackass that was given a Nobel prize in Eonomics for being a good old fashioned Keynesian idiot and the politics that permeate the entire Nobel prize process, is out with another doozy. This time it isn’t some economic idiocy, but him saying that Fake heroes like Bernie Kerik, Rudy Giuliani, and, yes, George W. Bush raced to cash in on the horror.

I am not surprised Krugman feels this way. I recall some democrats, and it was more than one of them, feeling all down and miserable that 9-11 had not happened when Bill Clinton was president, because that would have let the man show how great of a “leader” – yes, that’s in quotations because this is coming from the idiot farm that thinks a slimy, smooth talking, used car salesman, conman, or an articulate minority community organizer equates to leadership – and now Bush was going to cash in on that.

Basically Krugman, like all these democrats are heartbroken this national tragedy didn’t happen when one of their own could take advantage of it are all thinking what Rham Emmanuel so aptly said in the below video, and projecting their own baser instincts and disgusting sense of morality on others.

Seriously, is there nothing these scumbags like Krugman and the other elitist academics that comprise the elite progressive ruling class hold sacred other than taking absolute and total control of every aspect and minutia of the lives of all of us serfs? For our own good of course. And yet, for some unexplainable reason, there are so many drones out there that actually believe these people mean well. Yeah, they mean as well as Mengele did. Of course having a complicit media sure helps.

Anyway, thanks for validating my opion of you Paul, and making me think I should have actually consider you to be an even bigger scumbag than I already do. The left prjecting what they really believe and do on others is a godsent.

By Their Friends Will You know Them.

You may have noticed — Syria is engaged in brutal crackdown on its own people.  So what is the appropriate response to this?  Well, if you’re the UN, it’s obvious, isn’t it?

The brutal crackdown by Syrian President Bashar Assad may finally be getting the attention of world leaders — but apparently not enough to stop Syria from becoming the newest member of the U.N. Human Rights Council.

And despite calling for an independent investigation into the crackdown, which has left hundreds dead, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon apparently won’t do much about blocking Syria’s path to the human rights group.

This is nothing new, of course. The UN Human Rights Council has been littering itself with thugs, pugs, shitwits and halfwits for a long time now.

Well at least, we can rely on the leftists to … oh:

“From here we greet president Bashar al-Assad,” [Hugo] Chavez said, after witnesses reported that Syrian troops backed by tanks had rolled into the town of Daraa, the epicenter of recent anti-regime protests, killing at least 25 people.

“Terrorists are being infiltrated into Syria and producing violence and death — and once again, the guilty one is the (Syrian) president, without anyone investigating anything,” said Chavez.

He gave no further details to support his claims.

Chavez, a close Assad ally in Latin America, criticized the “imperial madness” of the international community which, according to him, seeks to attack Syria under the pretext of defending its people.

“They re starting to say: Let s see if we sanction the government, we re going to freeze their assets, we ll blockade them, throw bombs on them, in order to defend the people.

“Wow, what cynicism. But that s the empire, it s imperial madness,” he said.

These are two institutions — the UN and Chavez — that enjoy enormous popularity in varying parts of the left. And as the death tolls climbs, one is rewarding, the other actively supporting the oppressive regime. Will we seen Sean Penn break from Hugo the Horrible over this? Will we see the Democrats demand we give less power to the UN HRC?

Is there an echo in here?