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Oh, the irony..

When GWB was president I often wondered if the left, when it projected bad behavior you practically always got for real from leftists on him, really couldn’t be bothered with what would come after. If you paid attention to your average leftard, Bush was constantly violating the constitution or behaving in a fascist manner. Of course, asking for specifics never produced anything, but the left KNEW the guy was a dangerous ideologue, hell bent on destroying America – whatever their version of it was, and regardless of how skewed from reality that version was – because he was evil. Bush’s crime was the (R) next to his name and the fact he actually didn’t just pay lip service to the religious, but actually believed. He was a squishy big government guy whom didn’t let Al Gore steal the 2000 election, and for that the left wanted his hide. Then 9-11 happened, and everyone realized how lucky we were that Gore lost. Doubly so considering the last 10 years of the Gore freak show.

Now Bush is gone, and we have a an inexperienced community organizer playing president, and it looks that he is about to actually do precisely what the left accused Bush of doing ignore the constitution and congress. And the left, especially the left leaning media, is ecstatic about it all.

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama this week will announce a series of actions to help the economy that will not require congressional approval, including an initiative to make it easier for homeowners to refinance their mortgages, according to a White House official.

The actions come as Obama is facing resistance from Republicans to a $447 billion jobs package he has urged Congress to pass.

The first of the initiatives will be unveiled during Obama’s three-day trip to western states beginning Monday.

He will discuss the changes in mortgage rules at a stop in Nevada, which has one of the hardest-hit housing markets in the country.

The Obama administration has been working with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to find ways to make it easier for borrowers to switch to cheaper loans even if they have little to no equity in their homes.

The FHFA intends to loosen the terms of the two-year-old Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), which helps borrowers who have been making mortgage payments on time but who have not been able to refinance as their home values have dropped.


Obama is going to just do stimulus part deux, by going around congress, which I should remind liberals is where spending should originate from according to the constitution, because the 2012 elections are fast approaching and he needs to buy them votes. More student loans for people getting worthless “studies” degrees and putting themselves in hock for $50-240K while remaining unemployable or incapable of ever earning enough to pay the loans off, and money for people that make bad choices or are unemployed – with no prospects of getting employed in this new Obama economy – to refinance loans they should not have in the first place or can not pay anyway because they are unemployed, and all at the expense of those of us that did the right, instead of the easy things! What could go wrong, huh? This is just “Cash fro Clunkers” writ large.

Of course this attempt to circumvent how government works isn’t anything new. Congress could not pass “Cap & Tax”, even with democrats completely controlling all branches of government, and with a super majority – it was political suicide – but the EPA, with a nod and a wink from this administration, just created new standards to do so anyway. Wait until those electric and heating bills start coming this winter. Take a look at the DOJ too. It seems they ran an organized campaign that cost a lot of people their lives and armed some of the nastiest bastards around, all so they could influence public opinion against the 2nd amendment, which we all know is one of the greatest impediments to governments just like this one that feel they do not have to play by the rules.

Don’t expect the leftard LSM to report what is being done here either. Obama has got the right pedigree, and they like that he is ignoring the laws to do what they want. After all, the rules only apply to those the left doesn’t like. The irony of this whole thing doesn’t escape some of us. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t such a dangerous, costly, and painful abuse of power by collectivists that think the laws only apply to other people, and not them. When this all does nothing but tack a ton of debt to the already ridiculous numbers – 3 years of Obama and close to $5 trillion in new debt already – and lard the pockets of democrat friends, lobbyists, donors, and special interests, like the last $1 trillion dollar give-away did, I hope people are not surprised that Keynesian stupidity, even when married to a healthy does of anti-constitutional neo-fascist behavior, produced the same results as the last time. But who cares! There is an election for the left to buy/steal, and these are times of desperation.