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The lack of furor validates my belief most people have no clue

US civics quiz

US civics quiz

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Shut Up, Citizen

Radley Balko has been running a series of “Raid of the Day” articles over at HuffPo as preparation for the publication of his “Rise of the Warrior Cop” book (which I’ve pre-ordered). Today‘s should turn your stomach:

On Monday, the Miami Herald posted an article about rising support for legalized medical marijuana in the state of Florida. The article mentioned an pro-pot activist named Cathy Jordan, who uses the drug to mitigate the symptoms

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The 71 Year Old Gunslinger

The Second Amendment strikes again:

Details at the link. Basically, two men walked into an internet cafe to rob … wait a minute … internet cafe? Well, actually, the internet cafe is an internet cafe with a casino. You can see the slot machines in one of the reverse angles. It’s a sort of legalized state-sanctioned gambling.

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Real Reporting on Zimmerman

The media are finally getting the idea that George Zimmerman is no some character on TV, but a real person. It’s a good read and gives more background to the situation and him, showing us both his good and bad sides. As you read it, remember how the left wing blogs quickly proclaimed Zimmerman to be an obvious racist, a vigilante thug and a cold-blooded killer.

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The PSU Mess

Ya’ll know that I live in Pennsylvania and that I work in academia. So you can imagine I’m a little conflicted about blogging on the ugly scandal has rocked Penn State this week. So I won’t comment just yet — my emotions are pretty raw. But discuss.

Update: OK, I will say one thing. The only information that is currently public is the grand jury report, which mostly details the vile behavior of the … Read more


I can’t imagine what these parents are feeling:

On Wednesday, [parental fears] did come true for one Brooklyn family, as the body of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky was found dismembered two days after he disappeared on a short walk between his day camp and where he was supposed to meet his parents. The boy, who had implored his parents for permission to walk home from camp alone, got lost and ran into a stranger who, the

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