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Monday Roundup

I get backlogged on stories. And I hate open tabs. So here’s a smattering of stories I don’t have time to do full blog posts on but thought were interesting.

  • The White House put the kibosh on the Platinum Coin idea, the IOU idea and the 14th Amendment idea and the President had a presser today calling on the GOP to raise the debt ceiling. The death of the Coin caused much angst among the
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    No Dope

    OK, I’m convinced.

    Hero worship is tough on us mere mortals, especially when said hero is just a cheat. I had held out hope, probably longer then most, because I wanted to believe and I needed my faith validated. But yesterday the hammer fell on Lance Armstrong. I had thought he gave up to easily, his reputation was everything, now I know why. I don’t bike but I knew his story, few people that I … Read more

    How Dopey Do You Think Lance Is?

    The term “world’s greatest”, at anything, has always been a fun road to go down,  providing fodder at the local pub or dinner parties. Some sports records are so incredible in it’s individual feat that they have withstood the arrows of time, and some may never ever be broken. Joe Dimaggio and his 56 game hitting streak, Wilt Chamberlain and his 100 point game record, even Bob Beamon jumping out of the stadium at the … Read more