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I can’t help but rejoyce at the news that lefty dominated media is getting hammered.

Some 550 buyouts are to be offered at Time Warner’s Turner network this week, including a large number of those at CNN and HLN, which will lead to layoffs if they are not taken voluntarily, according to an individual with knowledge of the network’s plans.

The buyouts will come across the Turner division, with a couple of hundred expected at CNN and HLN, the individual said.

A CNN spokeswoman had no immediate comment.

IMO this is about the best sort of “Fuck You!” that can happen to these scumbag mouthpieces for the DNC.

Martin’s note also stated that the company will ”start 2015 a more streamlined, nimble and efficient company focused on driving programming, monetization and innovation, in a culture that emphasizes and rewards continuous improvement.”

That gave me a good laugh. The news will still be the same propaganda for the left that it has always been, though, so don’t worry!

If you doubted the sycophants in the LSM where tools of the left..

Then have a look at this joke that they try to pass off as a serious article at Newsweek by of all people, the guy that once pretended to be a conservative, “Mad Andy Sullivan”. Mad Andy basically says Obama critics are dumb. Pointing out that the campaigner in chief isn’t as smart as the sycophants want us to believe makes us dumb? Damn Andy, that is too funny! You attention whore, you!

Look, I could waste a whole lot of time actually using logic and facts to debunk this nonsense, tearing all these people in the LSM a new asshole while I am at it, but since they feel no such obligation to do anything of the sort themselves and simply resort to name calling and denigrating the people they hate, I think tat would simply be a waste of time. It is far more effective to just stoop to their level and point out how stupid they are for thinking that calling those of us that see Obama for the empty suit he is dumb, will score them big points. Maybe stories like this are gobbled up by the rabid leftists that think they are smarter than the “Fox News” crowd they also consider dumb for not gobbling up the leftist spoon fed propaganda and nonsense that is passed off as news, but they basically show us both how desperate and detached from reality the sycophants in the LSM and the people that believe the shit they put out, are.

I get it: Obama is a genius. That’s why he is a marxist, nanny-stater, big government should pick winners and losers, centralized planning, food-stamp expanding, tyrant wanna-be that believes the American dream should force everyone to cross the finish line at the same time instead of giving people the freedom to succeed or fail. His kind of genius always plays out the same way though. Everyone is left living in misery. And that outcome is not an accident, but the guaranteed end result if you let “geniuses” like Obama do what they want. And we are the dumb ones for pointing that out.

What’s really going on here?

As of recent the fawners in the LSM have not been as kind to president Obama as they where when they bought him the presidency in 2008. We are getting hit pieces like this one, and mMany of the big fawners that declared Obama the second coming, are now decrying their choices and wondering if Obama is up to the job. Many of those that saw through Obama are finally sighing in relief at this turn of event, but being the paranoid bastard that I am it made me wonder what the hell was going on, and

I think I might be on to something. And I think I see a strategy developing here. The first step is under way. In it they create the public illusion that they are now worrying about Obama and what he is doing. Things are not going well and Obama seems lost. They are being critical. Hard hitting. Serious journalism and all that! But I would not be surprised to then suddenly, right around the 2012 election, see them change tunes, claim that they are converted back to Obama fans. This will be because of some wonderful speech or promis he has made I am sure. And then, banking on their new creds, they will tell the public they should be with him too, since he was able to convince them – his skeptics – of his brilliance!

Don’t fall for it. I certainly don’t plan to.