Tag: Kinetic Actions are not war!

Revising the story..

If you hear Joe Biden and John Kerry talk, they all but are 100% certain Bashar Assad himself used chemical weapons on people to justify the WH’s recent need to create a diversion from all the scandals popping up. Unfortunately for these two, and the people that like them feel the evidence is a slam dunk, even the LSM finds some doubt. With that country in chaos, who’s to say that the chemical attack – if there really was one, in the first place – wasn’t the work of some loner, or even done by the supposed rebels themselves in order to give the West an excuse to come barging in? This is the Middle East we are talking about and the death cultists have never had a problem killing a few of their own while blaming the other side, in order to get the Western press to show them sympathy. They shrug and just declared the dead martyrs, as if that makes the action something noble.

Then you have revelations like the British Intelligence services – the same ones that the left these days accuses of having lied when they said they were absolutely certain Saddam Hussein had WMDs back before the Iraqi war to justify that conflict, I must interject – saying that this was not the first time Assad’s troops have resorted to a chemical attack. If that is so, I think those of us that are skeptical of the left and the callous way they are able to politicize everything to serve their narrative and agenda, should be doubly weary about the call to arms. Again we should demand to understand why this time makes a difference, one so big that we now need to start yet another “Kinetic Action” led by the Nobel peace prize winner’s crew, when Syria was totally ignored for months. Especially when this WH has lied to us repeatedly about what happened in Benghazi, the enormous spying campaign on law abiding citizens, the DOJ selectively enforcing laws against the enemies of this administration while giving their friends passes, the IRS being used to target anyone they consider to be on the already mentioned target list, our Homeland Security Department indicating that Americans that value the constitution and their freedoms are a greater threat to the state – read this administration – than the Islamic radicals at war with us, and most important of all, the incestuous relationship between the media and this administration that has such a large chunk of our media constantly delivering the lies and propaganda from this administration as factual news.

Look how well Libya turned out for us. The French got their oil, and the place is a fucking disaster otherwise. And then look at how well this WH’s policies have worked out in other places like Yemen and Egypt. The ME is in an uproar and the rest of the world sees this WH as rudderless. And that’s because these fucks are lost and have no clue how to play the big boy game they so decried that cowboy that was in the WH before them for was messing up. Fuck between Clinton and Kerry as our top State reps I cannot see why anyone still takes this country seriously.

Back to Syria. Ask yourself who has something to gain by us now wasting a few billions on a meaningless campaign to destabilize yet another country in the ME? And again, why now? Then look at the crowd that was so distrustful of government when the issue was Iraq and the intelligence there. See how they are now ready and willing to drop to their knees and suck Obama’s cock on what is clearly far flimsier evidence, for some perspective. This action isn’t about the chemical attack or what is going on in Syria, and you should not buy that lie from these people. Don’t lose sight of what matters, and that is that our governments are fucking us over and robbing us of our freedoms. Syria is just a side show. Nothing but a distraction.

Oh, nooo!

It looks like the humanitarian “Kintetic Action” in Libya has not solved the problem. Instead of Gaddafi doing the inhumane stuff, the people that replaced him are doing more of the same!

Libya’s regular army and array of militias have been torturing loyalists of slain dictator Moamer Kadhafi, several of whom have been killed in custody, human rights groups charged on Thursday.

Amnesty International said that despite promises, Libya’s new rulers have made “no progress to stop the use of torture”, as Doctors Without Borders suspended its work in the third-largest city Misrata over similar claims.

Their accusations come after a top UN official raised concerns that militias composed of former rebels who helped topple Kadhafi were posing an increasing security risk as they repeatedly clashed with each other.

Shocking! SHOCKING!

Well, no. The lie was that this military campaign we can’t even call a war, because otherwise hypocritical liberals end up with egg on their face, was for humanitarian reasons. The fact is that we finally got us one of those evil “War for oil” wars that the left so claimed to hate and accused the last president of being about. Their accusations where damned lies about that war, BTW. In this case this definitely was a war for oil. Only the oil was for the French, the assholes that through their actions to protect Saddam and their lucrative oil contracts in Iraq, all but guaranteed Saddam would defy the UN and that there would have to be a shoot out.

Now that the guy that promised to end all these wars used our military to kill Gaddafi and made sure he couldn’t sell Libyan oil to China instead, securing the oil for France, there is no more concern for the human equation anymore. But, don’t let the facts get in the way of either the collectivist scumbag narrative or the fact that liberals hate wars and oil only when they don’t control it and get to make money from it.