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A Few Quick Thoughts on Keystone XL

Last night, the Senate defeated an effort to push through the Keystone XL pipeline project. This was ostensibly an effort to save Mary Landrieu’s seat in Louisiana. But I doubt passage would saved her.

I’m finding the arguments against Keystone XL severely wanting. Critics points out that most of the jobs created will be temporary. But those same critics insist that we should engage in massive stimulus spending to create … temporary jobs in construction. They also claim getting oil from Canadian sands will contribute to global warming. That’s true, but that’s going to happen anyway. Trans Canada has no intention of leaving that oil in the sand.

Ultimately, this is not about policy, it’s about identity. The opponents want to establish their environmentalist bona fides. They want to show that they care about the planet (although usually not enough to go to school, get an advanced science degree and do something about the planet). I don’t see any reason why we should base policy on that. Keystone XL won’t rescue the economy. But it’s not going to doom the planet either. I tend to default to freedom in that case. Let it get built.

Leftists sloganeering fails real economics 101 test.

Color me unimpressed. See, I knew that whenever we heard the left yell “No war for oil” or telling us that we should be stopping our dependency on foreign oil from terror enabling or dictator supporting countries, that what they really mean was “No fossil fuel, period”. And I am not surprised to find out that the academic class is stupid enough to make that obvious and undisputable, without thinking of the consequences.

Yesterday afternoon, while you were at the job you are ever more thankful to have, Liz Warren’s political allies were marching around Sen. Scott Brown’s office, protesting the Keystone pipeline project. Keystone would bring millions of barrels of oil from our friend and ally Canada, oil we would no longer have to buy from Arab sheiks or South American thugs.

Keystone would also create “20,000 direct high-wage jobs,” according to Thomas Pyle of the Institute for Energy Research, and “an additional $5.2 billion in property tax revenue and thousands of indirect jobs relating to the project.”

So why do Liz’s kids oppose it? Because, they claim, getting our oil from Canada means “Massachusetts can expect higher rates of climate disasters.”

Really? As opposed to getting the same amount of oil from Venezuela or the UAE? Not to be mean-spirited, but how dumb is that?

These “smart” people are dumber than hell. Heck I could rant & rave and rehash the whole thing, pointing out how idiotic these leftists are, but the author of this piece does a better job of pointing the obvious out, so let me just quote that:

By the way, why aren’t we shouting “No war for oil!” anymore? If you really believed that, you’d support domestic drilling and the Canadian pipeline, right?

Instead, the Liz Warren left starts with “No war for oil,” then “No oil from Canada,” “No nukes,” “No coal” and then the inevitable, “Hey — wait! My iPad just died and there’s no electricity to charge it. Where’s my oil?!”

Remember: They’re the smart ones.

Exactly. When government makes it their job to pick winners and losers, “We The People” always come out the big losers. If the track record of the last 3 years has not cemented that fact into people’s minds, they will never get it. Of course, the injustice here is that the idiocy of these collectivist nanny-staters is not limited to causing pain for just the idiots that support this nonsense. But that’s what “social justice” and all these other nonsense is all about: spreading the misery.