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Kenya Under Attack

Holy crap:

Sixty-eight dead. At least 175 injured. About 30 hostages still inside, as well as perhaps a dozen gunmen.

Those are the grim numbers, more than a day after Islamist attackers stormed an upscale Nairobi mall on Saturday, spraying bullets and holding shoppers captive.

The tense standoff continued into Sunday night, with sporadic gunfire heard through the day and at least one explosion.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta told reporters Sunday afternoon the Kenyan people had showed resiliency as a nation and would triumph against the attackers.

The tragedy was also personal for Kenyatta; one of his nephews and his fiancee were among the dead.

I’ve been following the story since last night but haven’t found anything to say. This is the work of Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda offshoot, and, according to reports, they sent all Muslims out before beginning the killing. So far, no Americans are among the dead but some were among the wounded.

Update: At least one American, the wife of a diplomat, is dead.