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Hey Mr DJ: Phoned In Edition

I’ve been on vacation for the past week and I wanted to push this one out early since I’m likely to sleep in on Friday. It’s been a mostly unsatisfying Spring Break given the sick kid, sick wife, and sick weather. However, it’s reassuring to know that just because I take a break from the routine, the world won’t stop going on; business as usual.

Democrats still want your guns. The Pope and Religious Right still want rape victims to carry the babies to term. The President continues to piss off both sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict and yet still enjoys overwhelming support from American Jews. Your taxes are too low and too high. We definitely do and definitely do not have a spending problem. The Tonight Show is irrelevant no matter who hosts it. Chris Stevens remains dead and we know just as little now about why as we did six months ago.

So I’m on autopilot this week. Forgive me. Or don’t. I don’t care.

Make my day with:

1. Covers of other artist’s songs. Does not matter if they’re better or worse than the originals. It’s all been done before.

2. Revivals of genres/styles/etc. Think of Mumford and Sons trying to bring back Bluegrass or 70’s throwbacks like The Black Crowes. It’s all been done before.

3. Songs in which the artist clearly was not even trying. Going through the motions, phoning it in, pandering, churning out hits with no depth, meaning, or value. Every Nickelback song, ever.

4. Go rogue with something refreshing and new. Bowie has a new album, you know…

5. Nick Cave. Yes.

Limpbizkit Bonus: Recognize entire musical genres and trends that crashed and burned. Rap Rock is a fine target here. It’s all been done before…and it was laughable.

No risk taking this week. But for those who did it last week…

pfluffy: Black Grease by The Black Angels (Psychedelia Revival)

Santino: Lemon Scent by Dead Sara (Grunge Revival)

WVR: Survival by Muse (Trying Hard to be Queen)

Biggie G: Stray Cat Strut by The Brian Setzer Orchestra (Big Band Revival)

Mississippi Yankee: Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash (Depeche Mode Cover)

stogy: Army of Me by Helmet (Bjork Cover)

InsipiD: Blue Monday by Orgy (New Order Cover)

Alex: Guerilla Radio by Rage Against the Machine (Communism Revival)