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Nothing A Little Cash Won’t Cure

No doubt most here have heard about Karen Klein, the upstate New York bus monitor who got national attention after a video of boys lobbing insults at her went viral. Cleary these 4 boys need to get severally beaten and this poor lady deserves some recompense, but the resultant fallout of the incident has taken some curious turns.

I remember JimK posting a video a few months back depicting a father’s attempt at disciplining his wayward daughter and his bravado with an automatic, I had a different take on the prevailing opinions here and it led to some interesting back and forths, I think this topic is equally compelling.

I’m left a bit in the dark about the whole school bus kid/monitor dynamic since where I live we only the K thru 6th grade schools have buses. All middle and high schoolers have to fend for themselves. I would think that the job of a bus monitor would be to present an authoritive figure so that the kids on the bus would behave themselves. In this capacity I think Karen was very ill suited. This is no job for an elderly woman. I suspect that the bus driver is the ultimate adult arbiter on the bus so I don’t know why she was even there in the first place, given her meek demeanor. She did not appear capable of maintaining order on that bus, nor did she even notify the bus driver about the unacceptable conduct. I’m just wondering what training she had as a monitor and what actions she was authorized to take. Granted, it’s not like a fight had broken out or a crime was being committed in her presence, but it appears by her actions and demeanor that she had no authority to do anything and this seems wrong to me.

It turns out that a charitable fund was started in Klein’s name (most people have good hearts and will step up to right a wrong) and even this is turning bizarre.

Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor who became a viral sensation, is still unsure what to do with the over half million dollars that has been raised in her name. She and her family, however, have a few ideas.

Max Sidorov, a Canadian nutritionist who launched an online fundraiser to give the 68-year-old grandmother a vacation after video caught middle schoolers taunting her to tears, has far surpassed his goal of $5,000. The campaign has hauled in over $550,000 in just two days, providing Klein with enough money to not only travel someplace nice but retire.

I’m happy this woman is getting monetary remuneration for her injuries, the amount collected so far is pretty staggering, that is some vacation. Yes, it will be nice if she did not have to return to that shit job, but what is she going to do with the cash?

Klein told “CBS This Morning” she plans on spending the generous donations on her kids.

“I’m always too good to them,” she said. “I should let them be on their own for a change, like my son who lives with me because he doesn’t have any other place. (He) doesn’t make the money that he could, he should.”

Is this code for ,”My 46 year old son is a deadbeat who lives in my basement and plays video games all day”?

Brian, 46, has lived with his mother in the same four-bedroom home he grew up in. He also said he hasn’t given much thought to how the money could be used, but “first and foremost” he needs to get a car.

Oh boy, I’m sure that most generous contributors will be thrilled that the money they gave is not going to poor sweet Karen, but to junior so he can buy a car. Sure, she can do whatever she wants with the money but I think she would be better served showing her gratitude in that her plight in life will be improved.

Another interesting sidebar to this is the public lynching mob fomented by many radio and TV personalities that portray both these kids and their parents as absolute monsters who do not deserve to live. I have no sympathy for the kids (as a sidebar, the school was shamed into taking disciplinary action against all four brats and will announce their decision on punishment next week), but this to me was clearly one incident of thousands that go on everyday, incidents in the schools of bullying, of the stronger picking on the weaker. An insult hurled by one snot nose punk, a reaction by those witnessing it, then a synergistic effect taking place among the other ill behaved where the victim is not fighting back and consequences for bad behavior are not forthcoming. The fact that they even have bus monitors shows that this type of behavior is not rare, only then it was directed at fellow students and it highlights the simple fact that the school should not have placed Karen in the line of fire like this.

I don’t place much credence in those apologies that the kids were forced to write and I’m also not jumping on the bandwagon that these parents are despicable human beings who neglected their parenting duties. I don’t know what type of parents they are or how ashamed they feel about the behavior of their brood. I hope they fell deeply ashamed and doll out some serious punishment of their own but I make no sweeping pronouncements about the decline of society or of this generation by this one act of abuse.

Denying them bus privileges for a year (make the parents drive them back and forth to school), then doing something personal for Karen, something like yardwork, getting her groceries, walking her dog, something that benefits her, these are the types of punishments I would get behind. Then get the local paper to write a story (which the national outlets could pick up) highlighting the duties or chores that these kids are doing to make amends, the lessons they learned in dealing with the consequences. We hear the term ,”A teaching moment” often, this could be a big one.