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Marine corps drops court martial case

The Marine Corps has dropped the court-martial charges in Taliban urination case, and the reason why seems to be telling:

John Dowd, Capt. Clement’s principal defense counsel, had accused the commandant of engineering the largest case of unlawful command influence in the Corps‘ history.

“The withdrawal of the charges was another act of cowardice by the the commandant, his counsel and the the Judge Advocate Division of [Marine Corps headquarters] to cover up the worst case of unlawful command influence in the history of the Marine Corps, which was beginning next Wednesday to be uncovered in a hearing before the Chief Judge … on several motions to compel discovery,” Mr. Dowd said Saturday.

The defense attorney said he wanted to see email traffic between the commandant, his counsel and his legal division.

“That email traffic would have revealed that [the commandant] and his lawyers had engaged in a secret, corrupt effort to rig and control the investigations and dispositions of the so-called desecration cases until Capt. Clement refused to submit to a corrupt process [of being] charged with crimes he did not commit,” he said.

This practice of unlawful command influence seems to have become very prevalent in the age of Obama, where this administration is plagued by story after story of these kinds of abuses of power from above. Remember Holder telling us how he was certain civilian courts would all render guilty verdicts for all Gitmo detainees? This sort of crap is why: rigged trails. Thank the powers that be that not all judges are leftists or more concerned with their career advancement than the actual law.