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Behar’s Idiocy

Joy Behar is drawing some praise for this dumb question asked of Casey Anthony’s lawyer:

In case you can’t stand Behar — I certainly can’t — she asks if the lawyer would let Casey Anthony watch her kids. The lawyer fumbles around with the question.

A lot of the internet is saying, “Oooh! Burrrn!”; burns now being the height of intellect. But it’s a dramatically stupid question. The point of defending Casey Anthony is not that she’s Mother of the Year. The point is that everyone deserves a defense. No matter who they are and no matter what they are alleged to have done, everyone gets a lawyer who is obligated to do their damnedest to represent their interests. People’s right to a defense does not end when they are crucified by television commentators.

Anthony’s lawyers kind of creep me out but it was not they who bungled the case so badly. It was not they who failed to prove when, how or by whom Caylee met her death. If you want to spew some vitriol, save it for those who didn’t do their job.

I used to have a deep hatred of lawyers who defended criminals but I’ve changed my mind to the point where I respect (most) of them. It’s actually very rare that criminals are let off on technicalities. We are more likely to put an innocent person than let a guilty person out. 95% of criminal cases in a guilty plea of some kind. In the criminal justice system, the deck is stacked and, thanks to recent SCOTUS decisions, becoming more stacked toward the government. Anyone who defies the power of the state has some cred in my book.

This doesn’t really apply to Anthony’s lawyers who were well paid, are enjoying the limelight and are trying to pretend that Casey is just some misunderstood decent lady. But being an asshole to an asshole does not make you a hero. And Joy Behar is still an asshole.