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Control the message by controlling the messenger

The labour party in the UK has been suffering a serious sets of defeats as more and more people lose hope with their stupid policies, and now are having a conference to discuss options. One of their brilliant ideas is a journalist license. The plan is to only allow people that they like, the ones telling the stories they like and the way they like it, to be reporters.

The UK Labour party’s conference is underway in Liverpool, and party bigwigs are presenting their proposals for reinvigorating Labour after its crushing defeat in the last election. The stupidest of these proposals to date will be presented today, when Ivan Lewis, the shadow culture secretary, will propose a licensing scheme for journalists through a professional body that will have the power to forbid people who breach its code of conduct from doing journalism in the future.

Given that “journalism” presently encompasses “publishing accounts of things you’ve seen using the Internet” and “taking pictures of stuff and tweeting them” and “blogging” and “commenting on news stories,” this proposal is even more insane than the tradition “journalist licenses” practiced in totalitarian nations.

Now what could go wrong with that, huh? I could go into a long tirade about what this means and how these people view their serfs, but it wouldn’t be anything new to anyone that has been paying attention to the way the left works.