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Joke of the day

It’s ROFLtime:

Man comes home from work to find his wife dressed to the nines. “What’s going on?” he asks.
“We never go out. I want you to take me somewhere expensive tonight.”
They get in the car and begin driving. After a few minutes she turns to him and says “Where are we going?”
“Well, you said take you somewhere expensive, so we’re going to the gas station.”

Funny, right? Ha fucking ha. Hilarious. Have you paid for a tank of gas this week? If we’re busy fighting wars for oil, can we maybe, oh, I dunno, get some of it? Because this is killing me. And you. And business. And transportation. And food prices. And everything else that requires a plane, train, ship, car, truck or van to move it from A to B.

The joke is adapted from this month’s Playboy Party Jokes page, BTW. And as an aside, the auto-tag suggesting system recognized the “old joke” format of this thing and before I added commentary, it suggested ‘Allo ‘Allo and Benny Hill as tags. I was pretty impressed.