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Why Ten German Spies Died of Boredom Last Year


German secret agents intercepted one of Hillary Clinton’s phone calls while she was US secretary of state and also listened in to a call by John Kerry, her successor, it emerged this weekend, in an embarrassing reversal of the spying scandal that blew up when it was revealed last year that America bugged Angela Merkel’s mobile phone.

The Germans are claiming this happened by accident. That’s almost believable because no one in their right mind listen to John Kerry on purpose. But this is really not surprising or particularly enraging. Allies spy on each other. They have to because even the tightest of allies have different interests and needs from time to time and it is the duty of the intelligence agency of any country to pursue its own interests. I am sure that the Germans, not being known for their stupidity, have a lot of intelligence assets in this country. When the Merkel thing blew up, I said that the if the Germans weren’t spying on Obama, it was only because they couldn’t.

Still, it’s fun to see a little bit of egg on previously outrage teutonic faces.

The New Rules

I don’t know if you remember the shenanigans that went on with Massachusetts’ senate seat in 2009. To recall:

The Massachusetts governor had once held the ability to appoint replacement senators. This power was taken away by the Democratic legislature in 2004 because they feared, were John Kerry elected, that then Governor Romney would appoint a Republican to replace him.

However, by 2009, Ted Kennedy was growing increasingly ill. And the Democrats quickly realized the folly of writing legislation predicated on John Kerry being elected anywhere outside the state of Massachusetts. So they rapidly restored the power to appoint a replacement, conditional on the replacement agreeing not to run in the subsequent special election (the one they were grooming the execrable Martha Coakley for). This blew up in their faces when Scott Brown won the election.

So now there are rumors that Barack Obama will appoint John Kerry as his next Secretary of State. I’m not sure what the world has done to the President to deserve this sort of treatment. Maybe his strategy is that if foreign leaders have to talk to Kerry for very long, they’ll do anything to make it stop. But this creates the possibility of another special election in Massachusetts early this year. And there is a good chance that Scott Brown could run for that and win.

Can you guess what the Democrats are trying to do now?

Power-hungry Bay State Democrats — eyeing another potential Senate opening if U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry joins the Obama Cabinet— are quietly discussing reinstating a 2004 law that would let Gov. Deval Patrick appoint a permanent replacement to help keep the seat under party control until at least 2014.

“I think that would be preferable. It would certainly save the taxpayers money if they don’t have to pay for another election,” said Phil Johnston, former chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

“I think people are campaigned out. I think the governor is very popular and most voters would be happy to support his choice until the next general election,” Johnston added.

They’re not even trying to hide it any more. And I expect the people of Massachusetts, who would happily vote a sign-post into office it were a Democrat, to go along with it.

The Democratic Party is constantly styling themselves as the Defenders of Democracy. Their opposition to voter ID, their support for letting felons vote, their shenanigans in 2000, their hypocritical complaints about gerrymandering … all of these are supposedly because they love democracy and want the people enfranchised. This, yet again, puts the lie to that boast. In the end, they’re still just politicians.

The new talking points are..

It’s the tea Party downgrade! I have heard this now from every leftwing shithead that has been given air time anywhere. That journolist thing must be back on. It’s a concerted effort to try and convince people that the problem isn’t government spending being out of control and them borrowing money we don’t have to prop up a socialist utopia that is anything but, at the expense of the next generation, but the problem is with those stupid and evil people pointing out that the shit is unststainable. It’s a shoot the messenger for daring to tell you the truth scenario.

Here is that asshole Axelrod doing it. here is an even bigger asshole, Kerry, doing more of the same:

It’s those evil bastages pointing out that the emperor has no clothes, and they need to be burned at the stake for daring to do so! Our benevolent ruling class has been doing all this for our own good, after all.

In the mean time Obama’s plan to boost the economy is to tax it more and do some more stimuluspatronage spending. That’s cause the last time they did that it worked so well. Fucking genius! And the LSM is right there letting these assholes blame the people pointing out ogvernment is screwing us for the disaster of their making. Sure they really want to do what’s right. It’s the tea Partier’s fault they can’t!

Liar in chief…

Yes, that’s about Obama, whom like a host of other democrats with aspirations to the high office or held the office, seem to be reality challenged. Remember Obama talking about his poor uninsured “Momma”? That was damned lie.

“Thus he wrote in ‘Dreams from My Father’ that he lamented seeing his mother ‘suffering because of a broken [American] health care system.’ But he ignores the fact that in her hour of need, Stanley Ann, an intelligent, highly educated woman then living in Indonesia, chose America’s health care system above all others. And it wasn’t the system that failed her. In fact, she was quite fortunate to receive the best of care at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York (and later the Straub Clinic in Hawaii).”

Are we to believe that Stanley Ann’s medical co-payments were beyond the means of her loving son, who by this time was a Harvard Law School graduate flush with a six-digit signing bonus for his first book? Moreover, are we as Americans to tear down the finest health care system in the world based on – let’s be honest enough to call them what they are – lies?

Like all leftists he just lied to impart the importance of the whole thing, you know. It’s about emotions, not real facts, and why tell just small lies when an avalanche of lies can do the trick. Not like the complicit LSM will call him out on his bullshit either. One is safer assuming these scumbags – and especially Obama – are just lying from the start, than to pretend that’s not the case.

Yeah, I know. I am such a racist for pointing stuff like this out. BTW, Bill Clinton and John Kerry are lying fucks too, so what does that make me?