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What to do when the left calls Romney an out of touch rich guy..

Look, I am not very enthused about Romney, but that’s the guy that I am stuck with, and as I have repeatedly said, I would vote for anyone other than a child molester over Obama. However, the I am incensed by the left’s current attempt to create the narrative that Romney is an out of touch rich guy, and hence will do worse than the community organizer in chief and his cadre of crony capitalists, tax dodgers, and in general, criminal Marxist sycophantic assholes that have spent the last 3 years destroying our country.

Why is being rich suddenly such a bad and evil thing? Shit, in the election before the inexperienced used car salesman that promised “Hope & Change”, then left everyone hoping they could keep some of their change, the left ran a guy that is just as rich, if not richer than Romney, and that America hating asshole, whom spent the entire campaign telling us how he was a great warrior while ignoring his sordid history and all the cavorting with the enemy once he decided to go into politics, got rich by marrying the widow of a guy that worked to make his fortune.

Why are the only rich people that are evil the ones that do not subscribe to and peddle the class warfare nonsense that the left uses to gin up envy and jealousy from the sheep that are not bright enough to see they are actually being played by snake oil salesmen? Fuck, Kerry, an avid class warrior and one of the lame asses saying the rich need to pay more taxes to help keep the big nanny state in business, has been caught repeatedly trying to avoid paying his fair share! From Yacht gate to pretending the money is in his wife’s name so he should get a pass that it is all hidden in tax free shelters in the Caribbean, this moron, like many/most of other asshole class warriors on the left, has continuously been caught not practicing what he preaches.

Romney, on the other hand, made his fortune the hard way: he worked to earn it, outside of government and the power that kind of leverage gives you to steer tax payer money to your wallet, like many of the politicians on the left that are the most vocal about Romney’s wealth now have done for the last few years, and was not always a rich guy. Compared to John Kerry – that’s the tool that married a rich old broad whose husband had made his money working hard – Romney is a f-ing genius. Yet, the left now is making a big ado about how Romney is the one that is out of touch because he is rich.

Why didn’t we get any of that class envy and propaganda about how being rich made you not just out of touch, but unable to lead effectively, when mister “Did I tell you I was in Cambodia and won 3 purple hearts” was running for president back in 2004 from these leftists twits, huh? The next time some imbecile tries to tell you how Romney is not going to do as good of a job as the people that now have to rely on hit job after hit job by their propagandists friends in the LSM distract you from the abysmal and disastrous economic damage they have caused in the last few years, remind them that we never heard any of this about Kerry. Look over there: racist, women hating, people that want to push grandma off the cliff and laugh at you while they eat caviar and drink champagne while you have to feed your poor kids Ketchup soup! But back in the Kerry campaign days, it was all about how great this imbecile that got rich by the virtue that he managed to convince the old broad that inherited the financial windfall the guy that owned the company that sold Ketchup made, was.

Class warfare and envy of the rich is for idiots. Especially the ones that illogically give a pass to rich people that parrot the collectivist class envy talking points, but then do not follow the rules they put in place to penalize others, but think the ones that tell them to go earn their own money are bad. Romney has issues, but being rich is not one of them: the fact he was successful in business and became rich is an asset. America needs a lot less of the people that think success should be determined by government. Let’s hope Romney is one of those people. Obama and the marxists he represents, certainly have proven they aren’t the answer.