The Delusions of John Edwards

Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth, the intelligentsia of this country tell us how lucky we were that she did not become Vice President. I’ve said enough about Palin herself. I’m a little dubious that the Vice Presidency is that critical a role — I mean we’ve survived three years with the Joe Biden Vice Presidential Comedy Hour. We survived four years with Walter Mondale. It’s not like there’s a long tradition of brilliant vice presidents.

But it seems to me that if you’re going to claim we dodged a bullet with Sarah Palin, you’re going to have to admit we dodged a bazooka shell with John Edwards:

A delusional, two-timing Sen. John Edwards dreamed of a Supreme Court appointment, even as his political career crumbled under the weight of a seedy sex scandal, according to testimony today.

Leo Hindery — Edwards’ economic policy adviser in his failed 2008 White House bid — was one of the government’s final witnesses before prosecutors rested, capping a sensational 14-day narrative of sex, money and deception.

Edwards had been Sen. John Kerry’s running mate in 2004. If not the White House, Edwards’ ultimate goal was to someday reach America’s highest court, according to Hindery.

If I’m reading this right, he was hoping that throwing his support behind Obama would get him a SCOTUS seat. It’s unclear whether he conveyed this information to the Obama campaign.

I’m with Gene Healey on the Edwards trial itself. I do think it is prosecutorial overreach, trying to use campaign finance laws to punish sleazy behavior.

However, the trial sure is a lot of fun in an appalling car wreck way. The John Edwards who is emerging from this is a sleazy, boorish, delusional scumbag. Rachel Mellon donated $6 million to his campaign, including the $900,000 thrown at his pregnant mistress. Her only request was that he attend her daughter’s funeral. Edwards couldn’t make it. Must have been out humiliating his wife or something.

Say what you want about Mitt Romney, but if some 100-year-old lady gave him $6 million to be at a funeral, you can bet that Mitt would fucking be there.

This jackass came within 35 electoral votes and 3 million popular votes of being Vice President. Had he done so, he would have, at best, exploded the Kerry Administration in a scandal that would make the Monica Lewinsky business look like a picnic of puritans. At worst, he might have become President and done God knows what damage to the nation.

And it was obvious at the time. Edwards’ career as a litigator was based at least partially on bogus science claiming caesareans could prevent cerebral palsy — the impact of which is still visible in the high number of Caesareans performed in this country. He ran vacuous campaigns based almost entirely on his looks and class warfare. He was a first class hypocrite on issues of wealth and climate. In Bob Shrum’s book, he noted that Kerry knew Edwards was a sleaze and was appalled when Edwards told him a story he’d “told very few people” about how, after his son died, he climbed onto the slab and hugged his body — a story he’d previously told Kerry with the same “told very few people” caveat.

So where are the, “Whew, did we dodge a bullet!” stories that circulate every time Sarah Palin says something stupid? I don’t want Palin anywhere near public office. But if it ever came down to her and John Edwards … well, I’d probably move to Australia to be honest. But at least she’s no John Edwards.

Obligatory Newt Debate Post

I have already seen many, many people, mostly on the left, in the media, but not limited to them only, complain about how unfair they find it that people reacted positively to Newt Gingrich slapping down the CNN reporter that started last nights Carolina Republican debate with the question about an interview done with Newt’s disgruntled ex-wife that was done by ABC, very likely to be aired post Carolina primary to function as a hit piece, but which got derailed by Drudge’s early mention of ABCs plans to do just that. The talking point from these members of the fifth column is that this was a legitimate question for any serious reporter to ask. So those that like me reveled in Newt slapping King down, or as the members of the LSM now all say, “deflecting” the blame to the poor reporter doing his job while not answering, miss the point completely.

It’s not whether this was a legitimate question or not: it is. It’s the fact that these scumbags in the LSM that now are trying to hide behind the excuse that they where just doing their job and reporting on news, seem to ONLY care about these sorts of “legitimate” questions when the target, and yes, have no doubt Newt was a target of this hit piece, are republicans. If you doubt this I recommend you go look at how the members of the LSM treated much larger scandalous information that make the whole Newt wanted an open marriage deal look tame, in the past. Let’s start with the 1992 elections. Bill Clinton was accused of raping someone. They gave him a fluff question he could knock out the park, and declared the matter closed. The woman accusing him was basically dismissed as trailer trash and not credible.

Fast forward to 1996. We now have confirmation Clinton is a sex fiend, after it became obvious, despite LSM’s attempts to cover for him, that he was diddling chubby interns and groping anything in a skirt. It’s now obvious that the accusation the media so nonchalantly dismissed in 1992 as false was dead on. Did they do a 180 and hammer Clinton? Fuck, they defended him. The accused everyone that dared point out Clinton was a liar and had lied under oath when questioned about this and other things, of actually being sexual prudes that were pissed Clinton was getting himself “some, some”, and dismissed this all as just stuck up shitbags making a mountain out of a molehill.

Skip the next guy, which the esteemed members of the DNC’s fifth column tried to demonize & destroy, and let’s not forget that in addition to parroting whatever bullshit lines the DNC spoke as factual some of them even got caught making up shit about Bush’s TANG service, before an election of all cases, to the 2008 election. Remember John Edwards and how interested the LSM was in his martial infidelities before the National Inquirer, a gossip rag, basically did the story its due diligence and forced the LSM to finally report on how big of a scumbag their glided hair boy was? Yeah, they avoided the story and made excuses for the guy. Though questions? Yeah, right.

And let us not forget the two other players in that election. They not only covered for the first one, they basically chose to protect him by focusing all their might on digging up any kind of dirt they could find on the VP of the other party. They got that unqualified asswipe elected to the office of the POTUS – we all know from the last 3 years how disastrous that unvetted and inexperienced marxist empty suit has been for the country – and continue even today with their insane obsession of Palin.

See the pattern yet? If you do, you understand why people like me cheered Newt for slapping down the LSM. Because despite their claim to just be doing their job, it is pretty evident to those of us that don’t have our heads firmly up our asses, that these members of the LSM seem to believe their job is to dig up dirt and attack republicans, and republicans only. If the dirt is bad enough to torpedo a democrat, they ignore or minimize it. It isn’t until recently, when the blogosphere deprived the LSM of their much abused ability to control the news and kill any damaging stories that could hurt their DNC counterparts – like the Wiener showing his wiener incident which did not go away and ended costing Weiner his job – that we finally got a break. And it is even more refreshing to see someone, even if it is someone like Gingrich, which most of us conservatives don’t feel is anything close to an ideal, let alone good candidate, finally fighting back.

Conservatives, and especially anyone that wants to be a conservative politician, need to learn that the LSM is the enemy, one that will never give them a fair shake when it counts, and that they need to be treated it as such. When they do their hit piece on conservatives call them out on it. Do not play their game. Point out the double standard. The more national exposure the podium the do this on, the more valuable the event to educate people about the fact the members of the fifth column are more interested in doing the left’s dirty work then report news. That’s the reason why so many, like me, where ecstatic and celebrated when Newt did just something like that, and pointed out the excuse that they where just doing their job when they pull these kinds of hit pieces on republicans only, was bullshit.

Get it yet?

Edwards Indicted

It’s going to take an awful lot of channelling of cerebral palsy victims to get out of this one:

Former Democratic vice presidential nominee and two-time presidential candidate John Edwards pleaded not guilty Friday to conspiracy and campaign law violations, acknowledging that he had “done wrong,” but denying that he broke the law.

His plea came hours after a federal grand jury indicted him on six counts, including conspiracy, issuing false statements and violating campaign contribution laws.

“There’s no question that I’ve done wrong,” Edwards told reporters outside federal court in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. “But I did not break the law and I never, ever thought I was breaking the law.”

He was released on his own recognizance, but was ordered to surrender his passport and remain within the lower 48 states.

If convicted on all counts, Edwards would face up to 30 years in prison and a maximum fine of $1.5 million.

I have not follow the case closely enough to know how this will go down once it gets to a courtroom. As much as I despise Edwards, it does seem a bit of a reach to claim that supporters paying off his mistress constituted improper campaign contributions. But the weight of precedent and the grand jury seem to indicate that Edwards’ goose is cooked.