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Going Off The Reservation

Few good things can be said About Jeff Immelt. For any holder of GE stock, his incompetence as a CEO is legendary, few CEO’s of large corporations have botched the job and manged to ruin shareholder value worse then Immelt (that clown that ran Disney before Iger was a close second, but that will be for another post).

But Jeff does know how to curry favor with Obama, large donations are worth something after all, … Read more

Obama’s Jobs Czar outsources jobs…

The next time you hear some libtard tell you how evil republicans are responsible for all those high paying middle class jobs feeling America, remind them about Obama’s pet company that didn’t pay any taxes in 2010 despite over $5 billion in earnings and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, The Head Of Obama’s Jobs Council, who is moving even more of those jobs to China.

This is par for the course. GE has been one … Read more