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Japan v. China

It seems to be Protest Week around the world:

BEIJING — Anti-Japanese demonstrators took to the streets again on Sunday in cities across China, with the government offering mixed signals on whether it would continue to tolerate the sometimes violent outbursts.

Protesters burned a replica of the Japanese flag at a protest in Wuhan, in central China, on Sunday.
The protests were orderly in Beijing, with several hundred people circling in front of the Japanese

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Radiation vs. radiation..

It’s been a while since the tragedy that struck Japan recently has been front & center, and when it is, it’s always the usual anti-nuclear suspects in the MSM going at it, telling us how horrible this event was and how nuclear energy was too dangerous, so I figured I had to post an interesting find I made to give us some perspective. A post titled “Radiation in Japan” deals with the measured … Read more