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You Go, Girl

First off, who doesn’t love a girl with an accent?

“Slobbering, sycophantic fawning by the media”, it’s contagious.

Nile Gardiner aside (why should he have all the fun?) whenever a European puts down the rose colored glasses (and the koolaid)and gives some jazz to Obama, my ears automatically prick up.

Being right about almost everything she mentions, I forgive her for her “Hugs, not bombs” rant, labeling him a war criminal, she forgets the Obama axiom that dead terrorists tell no tales, or say much of anything at all since interrogation is verboten.

The indelicacies of European debates in their parliament, how refreshing. Here there is some unwritten rule that you must be genteel with your opposition, like they aren’t even in the room, bollocks on that. Shouting down your opposition, calling him a wanker while telling him that his mom was rubbish last night, we need some of that over here. But we can skip the leprechaun hats.

It really is lunacy, to give jihadists weapons. We don’t trust Americans with guns, but we will gladly give them to some 12th century inhabiting, woman beating, Jew hating, homo hanging, blasphemy stoning, theocrat who views our existence in terms of either converting or killing.