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Kids Say The Darndest Things

What is that saying ,”out of the mouth of babes…………comes more revolting progressive drivel”?

You gotta admit, these are cute kids, and don’t think they don’t get a daily dose of this nonsense everyday, courtesy of your tax dollars.

This video is part of Obama’s favorite socialist (and given his circle of friends, that is saying something) Van Jones, and his new socialist Tea Party PAC Rebuild The Dream.
These little darlings covered most of the progressive bases:
Demonizing the rich and Wall Street
Giving a helping hand to those over worked under paid and underappreciated slaves teachers.
Using the hoist of “fairness” to help prop up the already broken systems of Medicare and SS.
Put new monies into areas that can be paid with tax payer dollars and can be steered towards those that back us, unions.
Turn Medicare into Obamacare, this will magically make everyone healthier.

Although I am sympathetic with #9, end wars and bring our troops home, I wish it was that easy. But I would like a renewed commitment to spending tax dollars at home.

And those damn corporations, if only we could eliminate them, but left to their own devices, with their profits and high paying salaries, if government could only confiscate more of those, for the good of the people, of course.

Children, they do grow up, but these kids, are they in for the shock of their lives.

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