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The 58th State?

It looks like there was one overlooked item on the 2012 ballot that may turn interesting.

It appears that voters in Puerto Rico have opted to become a state, at long last. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious?

“Puerto Rico has to be a state. There is no other option,” said 25-year-old Jerome Lefebre, who picked up his grandfather before driving to the polls. “We’re doing OK, but we could do better. We would receive more benefits, a lot more financial help.”

If it’s financial help you need, you might take that application for statehood elsewhere. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if some states in the US shouldn’t start looking at some alternatives if they can’t get bailout money. Just eliminate the middleman and join the People’s Republic of China already.

Honestly, I would prefer that Congress reject Puerto Rico’s bid purely for the reason that it’s just going to be another welfare-munching blue state. Be curious to see what happens next.