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If you think Obama didn’t know this…

And by “this” I mean his threat to implement a vastly unpopular amnesty program – amongst voters of both parties – to buy votes from illegal aliens that would then be able to suck at the government’s teat and become dependents the democrat party could count on, that Black Jesus claims he will do by executive order if the wrascally republicans don’t do what he wants – despite the outcome of the last elections, where this item was a major issue – was all empty posturing and easy to circumvent. The fact of the matter is that congress is whom appropriates money for things to happen, and the house to be specific, and if Obama is stupid enough to go ahead with this charade, they will just defund his dumb and illegal maneuver.

The political left was counting on getting 70 or so percent of the 11 to 15 million people Obama wants to just reward for not only breaking our laws, but making a mockery of the people that do follow the process to come here legally, which is why they are so desperate to push for this shit even though it is very unpopular with several of those disaffected special interests that form the democratic party’s voting base. Many republican politicians want this also, because of the implications on the cost of labor. But the people, those of us that will foot the bill this time over and whenever the next amnesty happens, don’t. I was convinced in the 80s to go along with that amnesty plan, because we were promised it would never, ever happen again, and that without it we would always have a serious vulnerability. Here we are again, with the number of people they now want to give amnesty to doubled, if not tripled, and it looks like this will become the way we do things ever two or three decades. I see fuck that.

When you have educated and capable people trying to come here, people with hard working attitudes and decent ethics (and anyone thast slogs through our immigration system sure as hell is a saint), and you opt to reward millions of unskilled law breakers whose claim to fame was jumping a border with plenty of help from the very people that ought to be keeping them out, too many of which will also end up on the dole and drain us dry, as seems to be planned – because regardless of what these politicians tell us this isn’t about doing anything noble and all about them keeping their hold on the levers of power so they can keep sucking our life blood like the vampires they are – one shouldn’t be remiss at questioning the agenda. Me, my primary concern isn’t this useless and nonsensical racial bullshit, but the effect it will have on America staying on top. If your agenda is to turn the US into a no good two-bit socialist shit hole like practically all the European socialist states, then yeah, more of this idiotic agenda. If you want excellence, we better start bringing in the people that come here because they still believe the American dream is about had work paying off. Not the ones that feel crossing the border will pay off in free shit (meaning others pay for it).

An immigration reform proposal I can get behind..

I finally saw an immigration reform proposal I could semi-get behind, and it was one from Roger L. Simon over at P.J Media titled A Modest Proposal for Immigration Reform. Here is his proposal:

So here’s my simple — call it simple-minded, if you want — solution, my modest proposal. Illegal immigrants, assuming they have lived here for a decent period of time and have not committed a felony, can have amnesty, but they can NEVER be allowed to vote. They can do anything else that is legal, but if they want to vote — or run for office or practice law in our country, as just happened in California — they must return home and go through the normal immigrant application process, however long that may take until they have citizenship.

This is a humane solution that does not make a complete mockery of the rule of law (only a partial one). You can live a satisfactory life without voting. Many who have the right to vote don’t bother anyway. (In 2012, only 57.5% of eligible voters voted in the presidential election. Many fewer voted in other contests.) It’s up to the individual illegal immigrant here: He or she can enjoy the privileges of U.S. citizenship without voting or go home and wait in line.

This solves the major problem I have with this attempt to give amnesty to millions by the democratic party. And please, let’s not pretend that it’s about anything else for the democrats. The left wants this amnesty because they see it as a means to jack up the number of people that vote for a living and cement their lock on elections. The right is pushing for it because corporate America somehow has convinced themselves this will allow them to lower labor costs despite the fact that the left is larding up the whole thing in order to buy these people’s votes.

However, I assure you that the left will kill this amnesty proposal if it contains language that makes it so these people never get to vote or run for office, unless they actually take the time to follow the immigration law, and that’s because the fundamental reason they want thise opf what they say, is the votes they believe they will get, and nothing else. They do not care of the burden/cost it will impose on the rest of us. It’s about power and holding on to that. All the other talk is smoke and mirrors.

So yeah, any proposal that has this language denying the vote will never pass muster with the left, or stand a chance to become law. And that in and of itself is just peachy by me. If you want to move here follow the law. Yeah, the immigration law sucks, so reform that to make it more responsive and less of a joke. But don’t let the left pass this amnesty plan of theirs simply so they can cement their already brutal stranglehold on the productive Americans and the abusive and coercive government, even more. And any republcian that goes along wiith the plan the left wants needs to be punished too.