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Hey Mr DJ: Scien-tastic Edition

Not sure if anyone else is keeping up with the new season of The Venture Brothers, but it is one of only three reasons I even bother owning a television. On its own, it’s a great source of music thread material. The chief “villain” is David Bowie and Dr. Venture draws his greatest inspiration from progressive rock, after all. But what really drives the show is Super Science. All of the origin stories, conflicts, weapons, and dreams of the characters are rooted in their careers or interest in science (or at least a doctorate in some form of magic, but whatever).

Our own real world is no different. Civilization is equally enriched and terrorized by technology. The same YouTube user can inform the world about what’s really going on during a Mideast protest one day, and on a different day, bitch about interracial relationships in a Cheerios commercial. Somewhere, a NSA analyst gathers it all up and ponders what it means. His own intentions are no clearer than anyone else’s.

It seems like every year we are learning more and more about our Earth and the Universe. Contemporary scientists seem to be coming to the conclusion that we’re totally destroying the former and completely insignificant in the latter. Others may disagree. Studies of ancient, ruined civilizations show that it will all go back to the dirt and be forgotten when our time is up and life in the Final Frontier still hasn’t appeared. We could be a big deal in the grand scheme after all.

Maybe we don’t know for sure, but we can make some educated guesses. I’m ready now for some science education.

This week, go for anything that can be connected to any thing scientific. This one’s easy. The bad news is that I’m assigning everyone a major. Choose any sciencey songs you want, but you need to pick something from your major to claim your bonus.

Baccalaureate Bonus: You have to find one musical selection that fits within the assigned discipline. Be prepared because anyone can throw you another track in your field and it must be answered! Can you hold up under peer review?

Just for fun, you could also throw in some good pseudo-science like cryptozoology or astrology. Because I enjoy such topics.


Santino: Psychology! I look forward to you identifying at least two of my personality disorders. Psycho by Puddle of Mudd

Mississippi Yankee: You get Meteorology. Because you’re frequently WRONG. Storms Never Last by Dr Hook

pfluffy: You have Medicine. You could play it safe and play some, uh, songs about “pharmaceuticals”. I’m going a different way with it though. X-Ray Mind by Mad Season

WVR: I’ll give you credit. Politically speaking, you and I are like mixing acids and bases. Musically? It’s pure Chemistry. Gasoline by Airborne Toxic Event

stogy: I don’t know from where you dig up some of the stuff you find, so you’re doing Archaeology. Clay, Wood, Bone, Dirt by Steve Roach

InsipiD: Judging by your avatar, you are a friend of our furry pals so…Zoology. Call Me A Dog by Temple of the Dog

Iconoclast: Ah, your favorite debate subject on RTFLC (at least I hope it is)…Anthropology. Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam

thelastdakrat: I do have a diploma here for you if you would like to show up and claim it. Unfortunately, it is for…English. What the fuuuuck? Okay, show up with any song being…sung in English…and you’re good.

Anyone else who wants to apply can just jump right in. I have a stack of subjects over here.

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