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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

No doubt everyone caught this story last week about some female IDF soldiers trapesing around in their bloomers. I think our aid package needs to be increased, get those girls some clothes. The usual fall out from the stuffed shirts in headquarters was predictable, and the female soldiers were punished, each got a severe spanking.

But more high jinks has been uncovered, where do I sign up?

A rudimentary perusal of youtube will provide a plethora of examples of Israeli soldiers cutting up, from Gangham Style to Harlem Shuffle, and who can blame them? They don’t have an all volunteer army, everybody serves in one capacity or another. They all get drafted. Expecting 18 year olds to all behave themselves and act “soldierly” is about as unrealistic as expecting all college students in dorms to act scholarly.

Between dodging exploding rockets and car bombs, the stress and responsibility heaped on these kids takes it’s toll, the specter of war or invasion a constant, cutting them some slack during their off duty times would go a long way to furthering the cause. Anything they can do to make mandatory service more humane, or serviceable, I bet their suicide rates are minuscule compared to ours.

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