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Time-Less Junk

In between encomiums Of Hillary, Time Magazine (soon to follow Newsweek) tries to cast a wider net and write stuff with a more general appeal. This week they came up with a little “ideology” quiz, a test where answering non political personality questions can reveal political leanings. Take the test first before you read further.

All done? Good, now we can all laugh at their gross generalities and biases.

My score was 80% conservative. I’m betting it was low because I generally do not answer any questions with a “Strongly” anything, either agree or disagree. My only “strongly” was on border enforcement. Even the question about being proud of my country only garnered a “moderately agree” because I think we have made some mistakes, but they pale in relation to the US being a force for good in the world.

The rest of the questions were just stupid. Libs are not hip, cutting edge, impetuous, or open minded, so any conclusions based on those answers means nothing. I use Chrome, would rather go to the Met,and have no problem with my partner watching porn, although being an old married guy I would prefer she not so I can avoid her pestering me that night. My desk is neat, big deal. The authority question was interesting. Nowadays, although I still have respect, it is more measured, and goes hand in hand with a leeriness and a distrust, a sign of the times we live in.

So what was your score? Any of these questions have any relevance to anything?