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When You’ve Lost SNL …

I’ve noticed more and more of these “we’re worried about Obama’s abuse of executive power” pieces showing up recently. Methinks it it occurring to people that Obama will not be President forever.

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NSA and The Florida Department of Departments

I’m on vacation this week in Disneyworld with the wife and Sal 11000 Beta. It’s a quiet week in politics anyway, with the most interesting commentary revolving around the NSA’s pathetic lies and the pathetic pundits who believe those lies. Check out this evisceration of Jeffrey’s Toobin hacktastic work in which compares Snowden’s leaks to the MLK assassination (seriously).

You can also check out ZDnet’s hilarious “data driven analysis” which tries to convince us that … Read more

Dropping Faster than Snooki’s Underpants

Dave Barry has his Year in Review post up again and it’s definitely worth your time. One of my favorite quips:

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, having dealt with all of the city’s other concerns — disaster preparation, for example — turns his attention to the lone remaining problem facing New Yorkers: soft drinks. For far too long, these uncontrolled beverages have roamed the city in vicious large-container packs, forcing innocent people to drink them

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Louisiana Considers Secession to Delight of Non-Residents

If you’re not following Victoria Jackson on Facebook (yes, her), you really need to.  She reads WND and believes it so you don’t have to.

Some intrepid people in Louisiana have submitted a petition to the White House to let their state secede from the Union.  Again.   It’s stupid, of course, because if they meet their quota, the White House will just say “no” and the president will no doubt take the opportunity to … Read more

Obama economy made me do it!

This story is just too crazy to make up. here are the details.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — A former Columbus police officer admitted in court that he robbed a bank last year so he can get health benefits being in a federal prison. Edward Pascucci told U.S. District Court Judge Clay D. Land Thursday that he was facing “severe health problems” and homelessness when he decided to rob the Citizens Trust Bank last August,

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Callin’ Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton! Money to be made..

I call racims!

There is also some structural damage to the restaurant, which is located at 6701 Martin Luther King Jr. Highway, at the intersection of Sheriff Road. A collapse team was dispatched to stabilize the building and board up the restauarant’s windows, which had shattered.

A fried chicken joint on MLK Highway is insensitve! Especially when you have a Sherrif – a.k.a “Da Man” – involved too. Some white people have to be … Read more

Insert Caption Here

The real caption is Joey Hudy demonstrating his marshmallow cannon for President Obama.

My caption is, “Hey, kid, we’d just gotten all he goo off those drapes from the Clinton years!”… Read more

Purity Bear

Because you haven’t watched any video this week until you’ve watched this one:

If there were any justice in this world, the clip would end with the boy fucking the bear. Just to make the circle of creepiness complete.

This is from Liberty Counsel, a group that supports the usual nos — no sex, no sex education, no birth control, no HPV vaccines, no gays and, apparently, no acting lessons. This is in support their … Read more

Grumpy Old Men

This is awesome:

Here are parts two and three. Indulge your grumpy side.

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Best of Lee: In Their Own Words

Just to take a breather from the ongoing (but hopefully ending) nightmare, I thought I’d put up a Best of Lee. I was digging through some old posts from before the Archive Event Horizon and ran across a couple of posts from Lee that cracked me up. Don’t know if they’ll amuse you too, but we need some uplifting from recent evens.

First, on Iran’s weaving of the world’s largest rug (from a post … Read more

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