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Grounded for Life

There is a rising school of thought in this country that decrees that once you have a kids, your life is basically over. I don’t mean “your life is over” in the sense that mine is in that’s it’s difficult to go out more than occasionally and I spend a lot of non-work time attending my kids. I mean “your life is over” in that you must spend every single second watching and guarding your kids; that you can not let them out of your sight for a single moment; that you must be constantly paranoid about anything and everything that could happen; that you can never ever leave them to their own devices.

Lately, this mentality has been trickling into public law. There was the Texas mom who was arrested because her 6- and 9-year old were playing in the street outside her house. And now this helicopter parent mentality is being codified into law:

In an appeals court decision last week, three judges ruled that a mother who left her toddler sleeping in his car seat while she went into a store for five to 10 minutes was indeed guilty of abuse or neglect for taking insufficient care to protect him from harm.

Not that the child came to any harm; he seems to have slept through the whole non-incident.

But when the mom emerged from the store, she was confronted by cops, who’d been summoned by a mall guard when he noticed the sleeping child.

She was arrested and placed on the child-abuse registry — even though a Division of Child Protection and Permanency agent visited her home that day and found the kids well cared for.

If this had been the law back when I was a kid, Rahelen Skenazy — the lady who loves me more than the stars — would be on that registry. And since she had me wait in the car more than once, the state might have even placed me in foster care. That’s the threat that looms over anyone found guilty of neglect.

Look, I don’t want to minimize the danger of children being left in cars. A few years ago, the WaPo ran an award-winning horrific story about parents who forgot their kids were asleep in the back seat and left them there to die in the heat. Every now and then, some mom leaves her kids deliberately in the car and they die. To this day, I always put my laptop bag, groceries or whatever in the back seat just to make sure this doesn’t happen.

But to go to the extreme of saying any parent who leaves a child in car for any length of time is an abuser? On a day when it wasn’t hot? In a safe neighborhood? When crime rates are at their lowest level in 50 years?

This is one of those times I think that CPS and similar authorities have too much time and money on their hands; that there must be too few cases of true horrific abuse if they are going after a woman who left her toddler in the car for five minutes. I understand the concern. I wouldn’t really have a problem if the cops had talked to her and said something like, “look, we can’t be babysitters of the parking lot and make sure that kids are only in there for a few minutes.” But arresting her? Placing her in a child abuse registry (oh, goodie, another registry!)?

Does that sound reasonable?

(H/T: Lenore Skenazy, whose Free Range Kids blog is a must-read.)

Clowns are evil!

I knew it. I have always had a problem with clowns. Never understood what was funny about some dude that smells like sweat, puke, and alcohol, is painted up, wears ridiculous shoes, has a big nose and oft freaky hair, and needs a giant smile painted on to get close to children. And now it seems others are catching on. Clowns are evil! And the biggest clowns I know all hold positions of power in the democrat party.

Hey Mr DJ: Betray Us Edition

It’s not the United States anyone wants to secede from.  People want to secede from Washington, DC and its sleaze and corruption.  They’d best remember where their loyalties lie.  The connected and powerful in DC are screwing each others wives on a scale not seen since Caligula forced the Senators’ wives to become whores to raise money for the state (an intriguing idea).  And then Elmo ended up with a flicker of a sex scandal.  WTF?  Hedonism, decadence, and arrogance are all the rage.

This week, some of our most viewed and debated posts were about the Washington DC sexcapades of Americas greatest post-9/11 general and the re-emergence of secession.  Hell, I even hated on the Constitution.  You all clearly love some hot, juicy betrayal and sexy rebels.

And so soon after our good and wholesome revival.  So this Friday, I’m callin’ yer cheatin’ hearts.   Here is your chance to cause a scandal.   Do it because it feels good and ignore the shame.  Let’s have some treacherous music of the following:

1. Sexual affairs: Cheating, two-timing, cuckolding, double-dealing, douche-bagging, and running off.

2. Any country music song from anyone, ever.

3. Music that can be considered treasonous, secessionist, separatist, seditious or even slightly anti-American (or anti-British, anti-Dutch, etc).

4. Anything by any band that split up in a bad way

5. You can even betray the theme itself by playing whatever the hell you want to.

Broadwell Bonus: A song bearing something along the lines of “Stay away from my man, you bitch”. Pissed off, jealous females. Yes. This is what I want.

The embedded video is the playlist.  I’ll add everyone’s selections as the day goes on.

Keep an eye on each other. Buncha no good, lyin’ dogs around here.

First up:

Your Cheatin’ Heart by Patsy Cline

Next, a tribute to those who carried it away last week.  And had sex with it. One for each of you, you heartbreakers:

Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy (Mississippi Yankee)

Life During Wartime by The Talking Heads (CM)

Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order (working man)

Hoochie Woman by Tori Amos (thelastdakrat [Video won’t play as part of a playlist. You’ve been cheated.])

Baby Rock by Dead Sara (Santino)

Suck it and See by Arctic Monkeys (WVR)

I Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her) by Guns N Roses (Harley)

She Was My Girl by Jerry Cantrell (pfluffy)

Infidelity! Secession! Treason! Smart-assed Petitions!

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Egypt

I keep writing posts on Egypt and then deleting them. It appears that the military is simply not going to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to win the elections, having dissolve parliament and delaying the Presidential election results. While it’s tempting to think this is a good move, I have to agree that supporting another junta is likely to backfire on us in a big way.

I don’t envy Obama having to navigate these waters but I think, so far, he’s doing the right thing by keeping us the hell out of it. I would be — and maybe he is — quietly redeploying our resources in the region in anticipation of an Egyptian state that is hostile to israel. But there’s nothing we can really do. Sometimes you have to just watch countries go to hell.

The 15 Year-Old Reformer

This is pretty fucking cool:

Based on diabetic test paper, Jack [Andraka] created a simple dip-stick sensor to test blood or urine to determine whether or not a patient has early-stage pancreatic cancer. His study resulted in over 90 percent accuracy and showed his patent-pending sensor to be 28 times faster, 28 times less expensive and over 100 times more sensitive than current tests. Jack received the Gordon E. Moore Award, named in honor of Intel co-founder and retired chairman and CEO of $75,000.

Oh, he’s 15 years old. Early detection boosts pancreatic cancer survival rates from 5% to 23%. If his invention pans out, he’ll have saved more money and more lives — at 15 — than all the politicians on Capitol Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue combined.

This is what innovation looks like.

The Ex-Pat Act

It seems that every week brings some stupid/repulsive piece of legislation out of the Democratic “leadership”. A few weeks ago, it was the repellent People’s Rights Amendment. Then last week, it was the Trayvon Amendment. And now, it’s the Ex-Patriot Act:

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has gone ahead and given up his U.S. citizenship before the social network’s IPO, thereby saving an estimated $67 million in taxes, and personally pissing off our nation’s leaders. In direct response to what they call Saverin’s “scheme,” New York Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania are unveiling their “Ex-PATRIOT” Act — “Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy.” The plan will aim to impose taxes on expatriates anyway, as well as bar those like Saverin from returning.

There are lot of people who think this is reasonable. I’ve heard some people mention an “exit tax” that would grab part of the wealth of departing rich people. I’m sure they have their reasons for supporting it. And I have my reason for opposing it. In particular:

We are not the Soviet Union.

Being an American is a choice; a privilege. We extend this privilege to people who are born here and go through the arduous process of immigrating. But is is voluntary. We do not put up walls to keep people in this country like the Soviets did. We do not confiscate people’s wealth as they leave, as the Germans did. We do not force people to flee across shark-infested waters, like the Cubans do. If you want to leave this country, its freedoms, its opportunities … well, go ahead. Being a free country means people are free to leave.

I realize this infuriates men like Schumer and Casey (my Senator!) who think that all the money in this country belongs to them and we just keep what they allow us. But their efforts would be better focused on making this country more appealing to entrepreneurs.

As for Saverin, I hope he enjoys Singapore. And I hope that he stays away from drugs if he values his backside. I think, in the end, he’s going to find out that other countries aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

Was it worth it?

I thought that this story was humorous as hell. Some old guy calls 9-1-1 and proceeds to talk dirty to operators. No mention if it was female, male, or something-else-gendered operators. We can speculate on the reasons he did this. Maybe he wanted to get something for all those years of paying taxes, that is, if he paid any taxes. Or maybe he figured calling a sex line and paying what ever it costs per minute was too expensive, and dialing 9-1-1 was free. Guess they arrested him, and now he is going to have to talk dirty to Bubba. “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING ON YOUR FEET??”

The Worst Person in the World

(Note: I’ve sat on this post for a couple of days, waiting for more details. The allegation is so horrible, I can’t believe it. But no more details have emerged.)

OK, time for something all of us can agree on. If what is alleged in this lawsuit is true, there’s a woman in New York who needs to be flogged through the streets:

A “kind and generous’’ Long Island mom donated a kidney to save the life of her boss — who then turned around after she got what she wanted and helped fire the poor woman, according to an explosive new legal complaint.

The story is actually worse than that summary. According to the complaint — and we should emphasize that we’re only hearing one side at this point — Debbie Stevens left a job in New York. While visiting, she heard her former boss, Jackie Brucia, had health problems and mentioned that she would donate a kidney if Jackie’s donor fell through. She moved back and was rehired. When she heard her Brucia’s donor had been denied, she agreed to donate a kidney to a man in Missouri, in exchange for which Brucia would get a kidney.

After the surgery, Brucia complained about her returning to work slower than desired, berated her in front of other employees, then moved her to a dealership 50 miles away. When she complained, she was fired.

Again, we haven’t heard the other side. If it turns out that Stevens got lazy, figuring the kidney donation gave her carte blanche, I’ll post it. But if there is truth to these allegations; if this company and this woman have any sense at all, they will settle yesterday. The money is nothing. The public shaming is going to be intense and ruinous.

And it should be.