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Robin Williams, RIP

Dead of apparent suicide after a long battle with severe depression. I’m shocked and saddened. Williams had a maniacal genius for comedy but was also a gifted dramatic actor.

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Grounded for Life

There is a rising school of thought in this country that decrees that once you have a kids, your life is basically over. I don’t mean “your life is over” in the sense that mine is in that’s it’s difficult to go out more than occasionally and I spend a lot of non-work time attending my kids. I mean “your life is over” in that you must spend every single second watching and guarding your … Read more

Clowns are evil!

I knew it. I have always had a problem with clowns. Never understood what was funny about some dude that smells like sweat, puke, and alcohol, is painted up, wears ridiculous shoes, has a big nose and oft freaky hair, and needs a giant smile painted on to get close to children. And now it seems others are catching on. Clowns are evil! And the biggest clowns I know all hold positions of power … Read more

Hey Mr DJ: Betray Us Edition

It’s not the United States anyone wants to secede from.  People want to secede from Washington, DC and its sleaze and corruption.  They’d best remember where their loyalties lie.  The connected and powerful in DC are screwing each others wives on a scale not seen since Caligula forced the Senators’ wives to become whores to raise money for the state (an intriguing idea).  And then Elmo ended up with a flicker of a sex scandal.  … Read more


Just watch:

Stuff like this gives me some minor hope for the future. If our nation is still producing 13 year-old girls who respond to being shot at by trying to save other people’s lives, there’s hope for us yet.… Read more

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Egypt

I keep writing posts on Egypt and then deleting them. It appears that the military is simply not going to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to win the elections, having dissolve parliament and delaying the Presidential election results. While it’s tempting to think this is a good move, I have to agree that supporting another junta is likely to backfire on us in a big way.

I don’t envy Obama having to navigate these waters but … Read more

The 15 Year-Old Reformer

This is pretty fucking cool:

Based on diabetic test paper, Jack [Andraka] created a simple dip-stick sensor to test blood or urine to determine whether or not a patient has early-stage pancreatic cancer. His study resulted in over 90 percent accuracy and showed his patent-pending sensor to be 28 times faster, 28 times less expensive and over 100 times more sensitive than current tests. Jack received the Gordon E. Moore Award, named in honor of

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The Ex-Pat Act

It seems that every week brings some stupid/repulsive piece of legislation out of the Democratic “leadership”. A few weeks ago, it was the repellent People’s Rights Amendment. Then last week, it was the Trayvon Amendment. And now, it’s the Ex-Patriot Act:

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has gone ahead and given up his U.S. citizenship before the social network’s IPO, thereby saving an estimated $67 million in taxes, and personally pissing off our nation’s leaders.

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Was it worth it?

I thought that this story was humorous as hell. Some old guy calls 9-1-1 and proceeds to talk dirty to operators. No mention if it was female, male, or something-else-gendered operators. We can speculate on the reasons he did this. Maybe he wanted to get something for all those years of paying taxes, that is, if he paid any taxes. Or maybe he figured calling a sex line and paying what ever it costs per … Read more

The Worst Person in the World

(Note: I’ve sat on this post for a couple of days, waiting for more details. The allegation is so horrible, I can’t believe it. But no more details have emerged.)

OK, time for something all of us can agree on. If what is alleged in this lawsuit is true, there’s a woman in New York who needs to be flogged through the streets:

A “kind and generous’’ Long Island mom donated a kidney to save

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