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Twinkies Get Creamed As America Follows Suit

I did some contract work with IBC when it was based in Kansas City a few years ago.  Around 2008-ish.  Back then, the Teamsters Union was doing its best to bring about the outcome that the Baker’s Union ultimately accomplished: Death of the business.  The End didn’t come since the Teamsters knew back then–as they did now–when to pull back from the brink.   “Save the Twinkies, Save the World” was the vision.

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Shoulda Called Bain

Risk/reward, success/failure, supply/demand, capitalism and the free market system is not fair, does not play favorites, and does not redistribute wealth. It exists in a predatory state whereby you either sink or swim, no treading water allowed. And nobody or no company is exempt from it’s affects, unless government steps in with it’s Too Big To Fail nonsense, but this post in not about that.

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