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Hollywood elites shows why they are douchebags

Clint Eastwood made a pro-US/pro-military movie, and like with everything the guy does, it is kicking ass and taking names, and as expected it is pissing off the liberal cunts that hate both and they are whining about it.

The problem is that these liberal elites think the idea of a good war movie is one where America and Americans are painted as the bad guys, or at a minimum as dolts that do evil things because they are too stupid to know better, and anything that says otherwise, especially when it ends up earning at the box office unlike the crap they produce and like, needs to be cock blocked. This is a move made out of desperation and envy, and what they are really questioning isn’t the content of the movie, but the fact evil Americans prefer the stuff that makes America look good over the bullshit they want to peddle.

Let me remind you that this is not the only genre of movies that Hollywood struggles with: religion movies produce the same results and problems for them. They are furious that movies of any kind that contradict the liberal narrative and idiotic beliefs does well. They have pissed away millions making junk movies with the liberal message only to watch them flop. The narrative then was America had no stomach for this stuff. Then someone like Eastwood puts out a movie on the subject and the thing rocks, crumbling the whole house of cards they have spent so much efforts erecting.

Hollywood’s problem is that liberal douchebags have been trying to push the liberal agenda in the drivel they pass off a deep cinema, and they have failed to garner the support they believe they are due, and anything that gets in the way of that narrative – America is bad, Americans are bad if they are not liberal pussies, and that the drivel the left beliefs in is what is real despite the evidence to the contrary – must be attacked. Fuck them. The best way to do has been laid out for us too: watch the stuff that is good and ignore the liberal drivel. Money talks, and their bullshit can walk. The fuckwads in Hollywood have tried to kill off anyone and anything that doesn’t conform to the liberal agenda, and people like Eastwood and the movies he makes will always be attacked for failing to comply.

The tears of liberal pansies are ambrosia. Enjoy them. Go Clint!

The Ducks stay put

I guess when the media moguls at A&E did the math, they realized that “Stupid is as stupid” does, because they are letting the Duck-man back on the show:

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty clan who was suspended from his hit reality series on Dec. 18 following some incendiary comments about gay people, won’t be put on hiatus after all.

The network and the Robertson family announced Friday that Phil will still be part of the series — and since he didn’t miss any filming, his temporary suspension will have no effect on the upcoming fifth season.

Without that show A&E is dead in the water. It was obvious how this was gonna play out, and the rednecks that the left so loves to hate and make fun of won. HAH! What a smart bunch these progressives are, huh?

Save your money and avoid the stupid.

I went with my kid to watch “White House Down” despite knowing it was gonna suck ass from what little I head read about the plot. I am glad to see it is bombing at the theater. That’s because not even all the action and violence can save this idiotic Hollywood paean to the myth that “The Won” is a great peace maker. Seriously, when are the leftists going to give up trying to help a guy we would all be calling the worst president of the last century if it wasn’t for his skin color?

Spoilers to follow.

There aren’t many movies that will make me care one way or another about how stupid the premise is, but this one drove me to do some writing, because it was so fucking idiotic. Let me admit that I am a painful person to watch movies with. I usually figure plots out within the first few minutes – the stories have all been told – and I can see those twists that are supposed to surprise people coming a mile away. And nothing causes a movie to piss me off more than Hollywood’s liberty with reality and how things work I real life. Yeah, I know it is a movie and that I should chill, but man does it piss me off when you have a gasoline explosion that mushrooms hundreds of feet into the air when a few grenades go off. WTF? I can pretend all car accidents end up in such explosions for the sake of movie action, but grenades? Jesus-titty-fucking-Christ! This movie is replete with such idiotic shit, but that’s not what pissed me off.

It’s the idiotic plot. President Obam.., erm I mean Sawyer has basically gone to Iran where he brokered a deal that he claims will bring peace to the Middle East as soon as the US pulls all its forces from the area. Never mind that the Iranian thugs, like the old masters of the USSR in the days of the Cold War which would sport boners every time these morons talked about unilateral nuclear disarmament on our part, would welcome such a move, not because it would bring peace, but because it would basically leave them free to do whatever the fuck they want. It looks like the children of the nuclear disarmament movement learned nothing, because the current crop of idiots on the left and in Hollywood still are naïve enough to believe the bad guy is always us. It’s the military-industrial-complex in the US and the politicians that are beholden to that entity, that’s the root of all evil. Iran would all but turn into a peaceful paradise if the US but left the area and we stopped selling weapons to them all. Yeah, talk about being a fucking unicorn worshipping idiot if you buy this kind of nonsense, but here is Hollywood again selling this bullshit even after the end of the Cold War.

Anyway, the naïve and benevolent Sawyer gets in big trouble as the WH comes under attack by a cabal comprised of the retiring chief of the Secret Service, some angry mercs, and of course, the evil Rethuglican Speaker which is in the pocket of the military-industrial-complex, and unable to see that if the US but leaves and stops selling arms peace will suddenly follow, and all that money his buddies will stop making selling arms, now can magically be used to pay for free healthcare! Fuck, this plot is too stupid to fool anyone but an imbecile. Of course, the good guys win, and in the end China, Russia, Israel, and yes, even Iran, all agree to the deal, and not only that, they all want peace on earth. Queue the “Kumbaya” theme and the cheesy ending that should convince anyone currently thinking it was bad idea to give that pre-emptive peace prize to the Community Organizer in Chief that he deserves it and should be handed another.

Seriously, save your money and avoid this thing. It’s not even worth paying for it to just watch the lame action sequences. I think you can get a better political philosophy and a more pertinent moral message from episodes of “Jersey Shore” than you will from this leftist fairy tale with the twisted and idiotic notion that we should give peace a chance because violence never solves anything, except, that is, from the massive amount of violence in the movie that’s needed to get rid of the bad and evil capitalists, that is. Hollywood is so fucking passé. If you want a real idea of what the age of Obama looks like, read this instead.

Your Hollywood Headdesk

Good Lord. Steven Sodebergh had this throwaway line in an interview.

I look at Hurricane Katrina, and I think if four days before landfall you gave a movie studio autonomy and a 100th of the billions the government spent on that disaster, and told them, “Lock this place down and get everyone taken care of,” we wouldn’t be using that disaster as an example of what not to do. A big movie involves clothing, feeding, and moving thousands of people around the world on a tight schedule. Problems are solved creatively and efficiently within a budget, or your ass is out of work. So when I look at what’s going on in the government, the gridlock, I think, Wow, that’s a really inefficient way to run a railroad. The government can’t solve problems because the two parties are so wedded to their opposing ideas that they can’t move. The very idea that someone from Congress can’t take something from the other side because they’ll be punished by their own party? That’s stupid. If I were running for office, I would be poaching ideas from everywhere. That’s how art works. You steal from everything. I must remember to tweet that I’m in fact not running for office.

To compare the making of a film to one of the biggest and most logistically difficult natural disasters in recent history makes the jaw drop something fierce. Feeding, clothing and sheltering a few hundred people who are working in sunny California is one thing. Feeding, clothing and sheltering millions of people, with political considerations thrown in, in a chaotic situation where most of the restaurants and hotels have been washed into the Gulf of Mexico? That’s just a bit different. Just a bit.

We can, of course, question the wisdom of a system that regularly decides to give Michael Bay as much money as he can eat but tried to bury Idiocracy. But this is simply a variation on the “we need a CEO fallacy“: that what government really needs is to be run by businessmen. Noah Millman:

The American government is not designed to run things well – it is designed to prevent civil war or violent revolution by mediating irreconcilable differences between regional and other large interests. Effectiveness is an important secondary consideration. On that score, it has an okay record – better than France since their 1789 revolution, not as good as Britain since their 1688 revolution.

I’m inclined to agree. There are 310 million people in America who have a broad range of values and beliefs. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to create a government that is “efficient” without stomping on someone’s values and priorities. Government is often caught between hops. Indeed, a big reason I support federalism is not because it’s more efficient (although it often is). It’s because it allows the people of San Francisco and the people of Jackson to live under a government more consistent with their differing values.

More than that, I’m not sure an amazingly efficient government is particularly desirable. If our government ever became really efficient at enforcing its tens of thousands of laws, we would all be in prison because we’ve all probably violated some federal law without even knowing it. As Penn said, the main thing that protects us from their evil is their incompetence.

Even if you assume we’d also put in an efficient and perfect law-making process, that still runs into the fundamental problem: we want out government to be efficient; but we are not willing to sacrifice our liberty or our principles in service of that efficiency. Indeed, many of the vilest governments inflicted on mankind have operated under the idea that they could perfect society, make everyone into a perfectly fitted cog of a perfectly functioning machine (and, not unrelated, rid society of those who didn’t fit). We don’t mind the “inefficiency” created by free speech and trial by jury, do we?

The CEO argument is deceptive precisely it has some relevance to the way government is run (or misrun). For example, one thing that makes government inefficient is the inability to fire people. Those protections exist for a reason: government jobs can easily become spoils and bribes for victorious politicians. But they have been carried so far as to create paralysis and abominations like NYC’s “rubber rooms”. Another problem government has is programs that last way longer than the problems they were intended to solve or long after it has become obvious that they are ineffective. Such divisions in a private company would be shut down (eventually). But, in politics, they stick around like Goldilocks.

So, yes, there are some lessons government could learn from the business world. I’m a big supporter of school vouchers and other reforms that try to incentivize more efficient government. Other parts, I’m favor of completely privatizing (although we should always be mindful of the many problems created by prison privatization). And many parts of government I would be fine with getting rid of entirely. Of course, not everyone agrees, which is why government retains its many useless appendages.

But our desire for “efficient” government should always be tempered by our right to freedom, the importance of protecting our liberty and the critical need to ensure that people resolve their differences with votes instead of guns. Efficiency is a good thing. But it’s not everything.