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Holiday Homecomings

There is no place like home, and for a Soldier, Marine, Airman, or Sailor, the worse time for being away from home is the holidays. Being a vet myself (did not make a career of it or serve in a war zone) I understand (and still remember) those melancholy days, being thousands of miles away from family during the holidays. And although the Armed Services, when they can, go the extra mile in making these times a bit more comfortable for the troops, it is a poor substitute for being with loved ones.

A photo in my local paper this morning highlighted a San Jose family who was waiting at the airport for a son, husband and father, a Marine, on leave from Afghanistan, lucky enough to get leave over the holidays. The family, decked out in “welcome home” signs, and an entourage in waiting, all to make this Marine a special deal, and rightly so.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is one of the busiest times for flying, and many of these travelers will be those military folks that have looked forward to this for the entire year.

And many civilians feel compelled to do their part in welcoming home our warriors:

A small group of dedicated folks in Bangor Maine have been at it since 2003, whenever a military flight lands, they spring into action.

For those coming home, this will be the best tasting turkey ever, your annoying sister, mom piling on too much yams, and dad yelling ,”you guys tackle like my Aunt Mae”, not withstanding.

And speaking of football, we got us a smorgasbord tomorrow. There is a big storm forecast for tonight, DISH, don’t fail me now.

Football and our military, enjoy:

Now that was awesome.