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She Is Making A Mistake

Backroom chatter has been going on for months concerning Obama eighty-sixing Shemp Biden and replacing him with Hillary. Naturally us right thinkers don’t hanker to that idea much, for the obvious reason that regardless of the economy a Obama/Hillary ticket would be formidable. And with every passing Biden gaffe, almost daily, the rank and file becomes more surly and the mood for a swap becomes hurricane like.

I saw this today and addresses Hillary’s coming out party:

It’s fun to speculate in this area because of the broad and sweeping ramifications, but I think Bill in this instance is absolutely right, she as got to accept.

Vegas money is still on Obama, the incumbent always starts out with a leg up. The burn out excuse is weak, if anything she could R&R for 4 years as VP, that schedule would be nothing like what she has done the last few years. Factor in that the one VP debate scheduled with be hosted by Martha Raddatz, ABC’s chief foreign correspondent, what better tag team could there be with Martha feeding both candidates nothing but international questions, an area where Ryan is weak but is right in Hillary’s wheel house, she could easily win that debate.

The ,”She would have to defend Obama’s policies” excuse is also weak, Bush the elder had no problem distancing himself from Reagan, ditto with Gore to Clinton, you want the candidate to redefine himself to a point. And really, Obama’s domestic policies are so bad, they will do no better the next 4 years then in these 4 years, she will want to disavow most of them anyway.

Although supposedly she turned it down, I can easily see a scenario where Obama finds himself trailing {badly} in the polls and a united DNC push will emerge drafting Hillary to “save the party”, how could she say NO?

I may be crazy but I think the odds are that Hillary will be on the ticket come November. Alright let me have it.