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How much does this cost again?

Let’s level set and get something out of the way here before I go on my rant about how Harvard now has an anal sex 101 class it will offer, and while I love the idea – because the chicks attending that class are going to be easy and game for some anal. Sure the risk is that the class will be full of dudes that are into this stuff, and believe me as a lesbian trapped in a man’s body I empathize with gays, but bagging even one of these freaky chicks can be entertaining – this is just wrong on so many levels.

I have always felt that college was the only major expense where the majority of Americans partaking attempt to actually get the least return for their huge investment. Partying hard, last I checked, when you are plopping down tens of thousands of dollars a year, while avoiding as much of the work as you can get away with – especially when you already pick out a one of the many fluff degrees these esteemed institutions still charge an arm and a leg for so you can avoid real work – appears to be the experience of practically all college attendees, with a few exceptions. When you have a masters degree program with some 450 students in it, and only 3 of us are not from some other country, you know that’s a degree you got to bust your ass for. The people at the bar every night of the week, and home only because they had no money to go there, prove my point.

This phenomenon of avoiding work seems to be even worse today. Way too many of these colleges and universities have dumbed down their curricula on top of that. Paying a lot of money, or worse, hocking your future by accruing anywhere from $50-150K in student loan debt for degrees that will never pay back that investment in the first place, seems like an insane exercise to me. Harvard ain’t cheap. When you are dropping close to $55K a year for your kid to go there, finding out they are taking a class about butt seks may be something that affects your blood pressure, and plays into my conviction that today’s college education ain’t worth the cost anymore.

My advice to the young today is to learn a trade and get some real work ethics, and avoid college unless they are actually paying for a degree that will return on the investment. I think it is becoming pretty obvious that working hard, especially when you are offering a service that will not be obsoleted, offshored, or outsourced, is far more of a guarantor of success and decent income than the accrual of huge debt and a piece of paper for a fluff degree. And as more people wise up to this reality, things are going to change. In the meantime, pine for the butt seks classes and the lost opportunities.

The Ivy league ain’t what it used to be.

It matters all the time you idiots!

I see that even the NYT is forced to admit that not every higher education field of study provides the same earning potential, albeit, the author prefixes this indubitable fact with the excuse that somehow it only matters in times of a recession. That’s bullshit. No, not the admission that degrees ins some fields are worth far more than others , but that this only happens to be the case during a recession.

Let’s be honest: we are not all cut out to be engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, or stock brokers. In fact a little admitted fact is that the vast majority of people are unfit or unprepared for any kind of higher education, despite the fact that so many get encouraged to waste time and money doing it. I have always found it galling that colleges will charge the same for a degree with earning potential as they will charge the vast majority of students that attend and oft pursue what amount to fluff stuff. If it ends with the word “Studies” I assure you that you never will get what you pay for. Even at a community college. Disagree with me if you want, but deep down inside you and I both know that some moron with a head full of these studies mush isn’t likely to find any kind of job outside of academia, government, volunteer work, or some big corporation’s HR department. The majority of them if they can’t find work in academia end up flipping burgers, I bet.

So why do we allow kids to incur tens of thousands of dollars in debt to basically have an experience that amounts to a sever case of liberal indoctrination and hard partying for some of their more formative and supposedly more productive years? It’s like the libs got jealous of watching Biff and Muffy go party on college for a few years, with their rich daddy paying for it, and created a system for everyone to do the same. Only problem is they don’t tell the stupid kids that hock their lives to do this what they are getting into.

I can’t help but drawing a parallel between the whole “You should pursue your dreams and study whatever you want at college” scenario and the belief held by some religions of selling your soul to the devil or his equivalent for some fun. It’s awesome for as long as it lasts, but then there is hell to pay. And I don’t think it far fetched. The left wanted to kill religion’s hold on superstitious man and his belief of reward or punishment in the after life, and replaced that whole structure with a new religion where government was god and the reward could be obtained on earth. Only problem is that as time has passed it looks a lot more like government actually isn’t god, but the devil.

Here is the deal every person looking at college should actually work out: what is my earning potential – realistically – based on what I can study, and how much will that cost me. Going into debt to the tune of several tens of thousands, and often over a hundred thousands, to pursue that degree in any of the “studies”, music, or fin arts majors without understanding your employment potential, or a guarantee of some sort, is a dumb move. There is a big difference between a specialized doctor that stands to rake in a half million dollars a year, with a $400K student debt, and some shmuck with a “French Poetry of the 13th Century” masters with $50K in debt, which will be lucky if they are able to get a job teaching at some $45K a year.

I think the problem is that so many kids lack the basics of economics and capitalism, and have sucked that collectivist nonsense cock so hard they believe the shit the left tells them. The real world, unfortunately for them, ain’t fair. And that’s what we should be teaching our kids. Not giving them participation trophies and telling little snowflake to pursue their dreams. Especially when it is blatantly obvious that their dream is not grounded in any reality and will result in nothing but sadness and pain.

Unintended consequence!

Or something. Yeah, sure. What do you ask am I talking about? Well, the left’s recent realization that carrying a shit-ton of student debt will prevent you from buying a home. Now the left limits it to first time home buyers, but it applies to any homebuyer at all: if you have a student debt that is as big as a mortgage you have shown you are not a reliable debtor to most sane lending entities. From the article:

The growing student loan burden carried by millions of Americans threatens to undermine the housing recovery’s momentum by discouraging, or even blocking, a generation of potential buyers from purchasing their first homes.

Recent improvements in the housing market have been fueled largely by investors who snapped up homes in the past few years. But that demand is waning as prices climb and mortgage rates rise. An analysis by the Mortgage Bankers Association found that loan applications for home purchases have slipped nearly 20 percent in the past four months compared with the same period a year earlier.

First-time buyers, the bedrock of the housing market, are not stepping up to fill the void. They have accounted for nearly a third of home purchases over the past year, well below the historical norm, industry figures show. The trend has alarmed some housing experts, who suspect that student loan debt is partly to blame. That debt has tripled from a decade earlier, to more than $1 trillion, while wages for young college graduates have dropped.

The fear is that many young adults can no longer save for a down payment or qualify for a mortgage, impeding the housing market and the overall economy, which relies heavily on the housing sector for growth, regulators and mortgage industry experts said.

And if only the poor shlobs had the debt to deal with. But most are also hampered with useless degrees, lack of jobs and job opportunities, living in momma’s basement, and the whole culture of entitlement that tells them they should demand everything yesterday.

Of course, nobody foresaw this. Oh, shit I can’t keep the pretense up. We pointed this out a decade ago, and got told we where trying to deny the young a better future. And yet, we are back to doing more of the same. We keep telling them to rack up the debt. We keep putting policies in place that destroy the job market. We keep undermining education and turning it into liberal dogma school instead of teaching them something of value. And most important of all, we keep pretending the failed shit the left believes in can be made to work regardless of what over a century of proof has shown us. Hey, but they are promising you free shit that will cost you and arm and a leg.

I am sure the left’s answer will be more of the same shit that caused the problem though, because the right people or laws are not in place to defy human nature or the laws of economics, yet again. Say, what’s the definition of insanity again?

This is probably why so many of you can’t get a job

I have become convinced that college no longer is an investment worth making for most people. The simple truth is that not every degree is created equally, and it is more than what college the degree comes from. While many people are impressed when someone tells them that they have an Ivy League degree, I have to admit that I often have the opposite reaction. I have dealt with too many Ivy leaguers that were full of themselves, thinking they knew it all, and knew it better, but were seriously deficient skill wise. And maybe I am biased, based on my own academic path, but I have often found that practically all people with degrees outside economics, medicine, the hard science fields, engineering, and law – although not of late – had been given a raw deal: they paid far more than they got for that money. Plopping down anywhere from $100K to $200K, for a college degree that leaves you woefully unprepared for the employment world, and compounds the pain by also leaving you with a head full of bullshit liberal claptrap, is definitely a big mistake.

The problem, as I see it is this notion that kids get told going to college is enough to guarantee them more success. Things don’t work that way. What you study, and more importantly, what you choose to learn in that field of study, and its application in the employment world is critical. Especially when you factor in the cost. Sure, if mommy and daddy are willing to blow $200k for their snowflake to attend an Ivy League school and major in junk like “Womyn Studies”, that’s their choice. But when your parents, or worse, you yourself, have to carry a loan debt that equals a mortgage to pay for the same kind worthless experience, you might as well find a tall building to throw yourself off of. Don’t be surprised when you can’t find any employment other than flipping burgers or ringing out people at the cash register. Sure you can argue that it is just my opinion, but those “skills” you paid so much for are worthless to any employer in the real world.

So when I read an article like this one, I can’t help but feel vindicated. If your college experience is to party hard and avoid any and all serious work, don’t feel slighted when employers shun you like they would a crack addict. College is the only massive investment people seem to be willing to make where so many work so hard to avoid trying getting the most for their money. Heck, I am not saying it needs to be hell and you can’t have any fun, but shit, how hard is it to figure out that if the only things you come out having learned after that investment of time and money is how to avoid work, how to party, and a massive case of douchebag progressive entitlement and ideology, that no employer running a decent business will really see any value in you? About the only thing you are qualified for are minimum skill and wage jobs and government employment.

We need to stop lying to kids about college. Not all degrees are equal. And your employment opportunities are directly tied to how hard you work to learn skills valuable to a potential employer. Pursuing what you love when what you love has no real world value to employers, is a recipe for disaster. Now if we could only reform the K-12 system to actually teach valuable skills instead of the indoctrination that passes for an education these days.

My predictions about Obama’s new plan to fix college costs.

I am going to go out on a limb and point out that just like Obama’s plan to fix healthcare this move is nothing but more of the same stupid. In the end it will do nothing tostop the rising costs tied to a college education, make college even harder to get into for people that do not get special treatment, and even harder for the unqualified poor that get a free pass to finish, reduce the quality of the education they provide by even more than it has already dropped in the past 2 decades, as thinking was substituted with regurgitating the liberal PC mantra, and finally fuck over the poor idiots that hock their financial futures to follow this bullshit.

The left is hard at work putting lipstick on this pig, but the truth is that it is precisely the incestuous relationship that already exists between government an colleges, all the free money without any guarantee that the people racking up the debt get anything of value back. The problem is a simple one, but one no one on the left cares to fix, because it would seriously undermine the agenda.

Colleges are dominated by leftists and leftist ideology. Thinking is out: conforming to the PC shit is the bomb. They crank out oodles of morons that have swallowed the left’s bullshit hook, line, and sinker, primarily in the humanities departments, which also tend to be the college disciplines that provide the worst return for the massive investment. It is no wonder that Obama and the left think the solution is to strengthen this incestuous relationship even more by making tax payers pick up a good chunk of the bill. In the end, you can bet any proposal from a leftist to “fix” college, will do exactly the same as their proposals to “fix” healthcare, mortgage lending, or energy have done: they will destroy the system while making connected leftists super rich.

Want to fix the cost of college and make sure that the degree earned is worth the investment? Hold the colleges accountable for their student’s ability to earn. I guarantee you that when colleges are told charging people $50K a year for a womyn or other such idiotic studies degrees that leave them unqualified to do anything but work service jobs at fast food places, will result in them paying off the loans that this practice dies. Of course, it will kill the massive humanities liberal PC idiot making mill, so there is no way the left will go along with this proposal. Instead we will get the shit Obama is now peddling which will neither hold back cost nor improve the value of the degree students get for the rip off. All we will get is an even larger number of poor idiots that graduate with a frightening debt burden and an even bleaker jobs prospect because our economy is constantly under assault by other liberal pipe dreams like the ACA and the green energy bottomless money pit. And tax payers will be told to fork over more, yet again, so the left can keep changing America into a shithole.

I am so glad my son is doing the military and then a trade school to learn HVAC, electrical or plumbing. He will work and get experience, and then go get a 2 year business degree to help him own his own company. He will make good money, not have to worry about losing his job to outsourcing, and learn something of value while avoiding the liberal indoctrination machine. His plan, not mine for him. Contrast that to some his friends that are asking their parents to fork over $50K a year to go learn poetry some other such bullshit – they are really going to party hard for 4 years, is my guess – and you have got to wonder how so many parents still have not figured out how bad they are being had by these colleges and their partners in government. It’s a scam. My kid might avoid the big bill from a near worthless education, but I am afraid Obama and the other leftists will make him pay twice as much in taxes for doing the smart and right thing. After all, they get to decide who is a winner and who is a loser, and there is no way they will let anyone that doesn’t kiss their ass and worship at the blood covered skull altar of the leftist’s religion succeed.

New higher education model in dire need, and for many good reasons (Updated)

With a kid that is graduating high school this year and going through this gauntlet, I can not stress how much I agree with the article titled our universities must stop charging so much, delivering so little and sending our kids into lifelong debt and the lessons it is imparting. Lets take a look here:

Universities charge too much, deliver too little and channel too many students into a lifetime of debt. Genuine reform requires market disciplines be brought to bear on those abuses.

Overall, college graduates in America still earn more and are less likely to be unemployed than their peers who never get a college degree. However, with so many recent graduates serving cappuccino and treading water in unpaid internships after graduation, a four-year diploma is not quite the solid investment it once was, and should not be so-often viewed as such a necessity by society.

Since 2007-08, the average pay for recent four-year graduates has fallen nearly 5 percent, while the average earning of a typical American worker, as tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is up 10 percent.

Graduates in high demand sectors can still earn good starting salaries and expect rising earnings as experience grows, but in many majors they increasingly face market conditions that have bedeviled skilled manufacturing workers for decades—there are simply too many folks chasing too few jobs.

Where to start. At the beginning I guess. College simply costs too much these days, and as the article points out, it delivers way too little in return. With the exception of a very few specialized degrees and fields of study, it is a horrible investment at the current costs, even if we are talking community or state schools. And the argument can be made that even for these fields that provide successful graduates with a much higher chance to make decent living and pay off their debt, the cost is still ridiculously high. Attending any degreed program at the elite schools? They are insane! Putting yourself into $125K of debt for a medical, engineering, business, or, to some extent a law degree, which is starting to lose its luster if you listen to the powers that be these days, makes some sense. But doing that for history, practically every “studies” degree, or something insane like French poetry of the 13th century that at best qualifies you to ask people at the drive through if they want fires with that or to upsize? You must be a masochist and crazy to boot.

I don’t even want to go too deep into how I believe, and based on the data and the people I have interacted with I think I am dead-on, that most degrees today amount to nothing more than years of lefty indoctrination and pretending lefty feelings and soft-core ideology masquerading as science, that basically cause more harm for the poor victims when they hit the real world outside the usual lefty bastions than it is worth. We have an army of fools that think just their degree, and in too many cases even those that couldn’t complete their college work at all, entitles them to a high paying job and a fast track to the top. After all, they know the right lingo and want to change the world! They have been told that they are special so often, for accomplishing nothing but the basics, that they have no clue what special really means. And racking up all that debt that amounts to something like a mortgage for a degree that leaves them ill prepared for the real world? They all believe that will soon be rolling in the dough as promised. Fucking idiots the lot of them. Who cares about how much debt they rack up? They certainly don’t seem to worry about it. At least until it is too late. And then they want government to bail them out for being idiots. Reality, lucky for those of us that have to function outside the ivory towers, has a quick way of correcting that bias, or at least of punishing it harshly, though. Some make it, but these are rather the exception than the rule, and that lesson needs to be hammered home. A degree for a degree’s sake, isn’t worth spit.

I think the biggest lies told to kids today are the one about how college will guarantee them a better future and/or how they should pursue whatever their dream is, regardless of cost and consequences. The truth is that certain fields of study and certain colleges do pay off. But those tend to be the fields where you seriously need to bust your ass to succeed. All nighters to produce papers about the evil of patriarchy or how America is evil because of whatever idiotic rationale, may score you big points and high grades with the marxist pretending to be teaching you something of value and feel like work, but you are just kidding yourself. And getting into the top colleges is also not something you do unless you are at the top of your game, or already come from legacy that can get you in over others (some more qualified, and others just entitled). And we do our kids a disservice when we, in order to avoid hurting their self esteem, refrain from telling our kids that not everyone can pull this off. Try as they might, the reality is that people have different skill sets and motivation levels, and no study program anywhere can make a slow and lazy SOB succeed at mastering the skills needed to work in some of the more complex disciplines. Just like we do them a disservice when we tell them to follow their dreams without pointing out that what they dream of doing isn’t going to leave them prepared to join the real world and find a decent paying job. Doubly so when they rack up insane debt getting there. They will pay for the rest of their lives for those dreams. A well rounded education could provide value, but these days the challenge is to actually find a well rounded education instead of what passes for that but is primarily a dysfunctional leftist propaganda mill.

I had a long chat with my kid. We discussed college, his capabilities and limitations, the cost, and most important of all, making sure he got a skill set that would allow him to make a decent living without hocking his future to do so. The first thing he was concerned about, probably because he was well aware of my career in IT and the stories of so many people that suffered as jobs where outsourced or done away with, was viability of the job he would do. He also wanted to avoid debt of any kind, as much as possible. We put a plan together, and then a back up plan for if that falls through. I helped him do that with an eye on making sure he ends up being productive and able to work and make a decent living while targeting his strength in such a way that it would result in a valuable skill set. I wonder how many parents actually have the tough talk and make sure their kids knows that they are not interested in making college a 4, or more, year party for their kids, primarily because they would then be doing said kids a huge disservice. Most of them are likely as ill informed as their kids about the cost-return ratio.

Colleges are now glut with “free money” that is far from being free, giving loans to people that should have never gotten them – just like they did during the big socio-engineered housing market debacle – and returning in all but a few specialized cases far too little for the insane costs. This model can, and should, simply not survive. And this brings us back to the gist of the article:

Well run institutions—which seriously evaluate and become transparent about the prospects for a decent enough paying job after majoring in art history vs. mechanical engineering—would have little problem getting private underwriters to help them finance such ventures.

Schools that take students money and deliver too little for it, would then go the way of Circuit City and the St. Louis Browns, and stop blighting the futures of young people.

Online education, baby! Interactive classes that do more than spout bullshit leftist concepts, cost less than $10K for a degree that is less liberal propaganda, fluff, and a lot more about inculcating a skill set that employers would actually find value in and want. And a system that is reality based and no longer sells the young a huge lie so liberals can funnel more sheep through the indoctrination machine. That’s what we need. Some degrees will unavoidably require colleges maintain the models we have today, but the ones that are disproportionately populated by and intended to be liberal propaganda machines are going to all take a hit. Or at least they should. And everyone should be thought basic economics, the constitution – the real stuff those dead white slave owners they now are thought to despise by the leftards and how it made this nation great – and that you need to actually do the work before you get the rewards. You are not entitled just for showing up. This is not little league, where everyone gets a trophy just for showing.

The quicker the current college model implodes and gets replaced with something that adds more value and costs a lot, lot less, the better it will be for our kids. Not to mention that it will do away with the indoctrination machine that has done so many people a huge disservice for the last 30 years. The left won’t let that happen without a fight though. They don’t really much care if these useful idiots get jobs or not, are not straddled with insane, life crushing, and binding debt, as much as they care that these institutions crank out more drones for the movement.

UPDATE: Looks like other people are also getting wise that the current system < a href="http://news.yahoo.com/moodys-now-negative-outlook-u-universities-153241853.html" target="_new">is not ging to get better the way it exists today.