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Gimme my surf & turf or someone gets it!

When you gotta have your surf & turf, and you ain’t got no money, you got to do whatever it takes to work it out:

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A teenage girl and an older man are believed to have been kidnapped after a shoplifting incident turned into a carjacking at an Oakland Safeway Tuesday afternoon. The California Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert following the carjacking and abduction.

The store manager said the suspect was seen trying to stuff three frozen lobsters and a pack of rib-eye steaks down his pants when he was caught in the act, and fled the store at 4100 Redwood Road, in the Lincoln Square Shopping Center near Highway 13, around 12:50 p.m.

Outside, witnesses reported seeing a man with a knife get into an SUV, forcing the elderly man behind the wheel to pull away. A girl, believed to be about 13 years old, was also inside, Oakland police spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson said.

Think about it. I am not sure this guy can make the argument he was just hungry and had to steal. Maybe that is the case, and he just recently lost his millions, so he doesn’t know better than to go for lobster and rib-eye instead of just getting some hamburger and tuna cans. Nah, no way. If he had millions before and lost them and wanted to do the high life thing, he would have known to go for the fillet mignion rapped in bacon instead of the rib-eye. There is something fishy going on here.