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Painting A Life

Time to change gears. I got the US Open on my TV and am streaming the RNC convention, but I found something that brought a tear to my eye and re introduced me to my humanity. I am finding that as the years go by I find it harder and harder to write posts about our fallen military heroes, not only for the obvious reasons that when good men die we all are diminished to a degree, but the doubts of policy, of how on earth our protectors are protecting us half way around the world, I can’t rationalize it any more.

Meet Ken Pridgeon:

You can view Ken’s gallery here.

I wrote a post a few years back about this group of elderly folks who lived in Bangor Maine, their mission for whatever days left they have on this earth is to greet the troops coming back from Iraq. They greet every plane, every day, until they can’t anymore.

We need heroes to make us better people and God knows we can all do better.

Soul Salve

I’ve been moping around most of the day, a confluence of events have just kicked my ass. Aside from a little comfort from Jack Daniels, still a possibility later, I was looking for something to cheer me up and to put some of this crap in perspective. I saved this youtube video a few months ago, waiting for the right time to post it, boy do we need it now:

I’ve known quite a few Marines over the years, both in my profession and in personal life. That stuff you remember from A Few Good Men, “God……Corp……Country”, they aren’t just idle words. and it easily translates into civilian life, where I never worried about them watching my back.

This guy is tougher then a coffin nail, and the corp. is full of ‘em.

I feel a little better now.