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“Liking” The IDF

Reminding the foot soldier what he is fighting for, genius;

The IDF got a surprising new kind of moral support this week. Hundreds of pretty girls posting their appreciation to the soldiers on a new Facebook page called “Girls love IDF”. Since it was created three days ago, the page already has thousands of likes.

The creators of the page are two young women, Lital Shemesh and Olga Lavie who wanted to show their support in an original way that will really get to soldiers in the battle field. “I’ve been volunteering in the last three weeks in anyway I can to help our guys,” Lavie told JPost.com. “I talked to the soldiers, hugged them and understood that they need more than just food and clothes. They need our love and support.”

“We are getting pictures from all over the world,” said Lavie. “Some soldiers even send us messages telling us they love us back.”

Their Facebook page, along with other racier iterations, should make for some happy soldiers.

But don’t miss the irony (no doubt planned) of this movement. Not only is it boosting the moral for the good guys (I couldn’t help myself) but it is reminding Hamas and all their pig cousins that they are still 8 centuries behind the civilized world. Those Muslims that happen to stumble on to one of these sites will be forced to stab out their eyeballs with forks, punishment for gazing at an uncovered woman.

Of course they could follow suit;

“We Love Suicide Bombers”

Bring on the “likes”.