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Blaming Republicans Again

I know you thought that the current Ebola outbreak was the result of dysfunctional countries with horrendous health care systems. Or maybe you thought it was the fault of organizations like the WHO to respond quickly enough. Or maybe you think it’s no one’s fault and that disease outbreaks are going to happen.

But you’re wrong. The current Ebola outbreak is the fault of …. Republicans:

“Republican Cuts Kill” is the message coming from

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First it was salt, now it is sunlight…

For some decades we were told to cut salt from our menu, only to find out that that was actually not a good idea. I never took that seriously, because I have always felt much better when I get a healthy dose of salt. And I knew several people that were chronically depressed and they avoided salt like vampires avoid garlic. Do some exercise, and salt is a great thing to eat. Of course … Read more

David Goldhill, Part II

Four years ago, on the eve of Obamacare, David Goldhill wrote one of the best pieces about healthcare reform. If you didn’t read it then, you should read it now because it is still one of the best things written about healthcare.

(Second place would go to Steven Brill’s expose of hospital billing. Brill’s piece, which is now behind a firewall, has some issues (see here and here) but is a must-read if you … Read more

The Healthcare Market

Reason has a great video about a free market healthcare system in Oklahoma. It is definitely worth six minutes of your time. By going outside the traditional insurance model, they have cut healthcare prices to a fraction of what they usually are.

A few things to clarify. This obviously wouldn’t work for people without jobs or cash to pay for these services (although it would be cheaper than Medicaid). And some of the most expensive … Read more

Surprise Study Finds Rappers Use Brains

Yeah, I’m a music critic now.  What about it?

During the freestyle rapping, there was increased activity in an area of the brain that is responsible for motivation of thought and action (called the medial prefrontal cortex). At the same time, there was decreased activity in brain regions that normally play a supervisory or monitoring role (dorsolateral prefrontal regions).

The study went on to note that the wave patterns of rappers’ brains during nightclub shootings, … Read more

The HPV Question

The big fireworks in Monday’s debate were about Rick Perry mandating the HPV vaccine for girls in Texas. Bachmann basically accused him of taking a bribe, Perry admitted the policy was mistaken, lots of applause lines were had.

Did Perry make a mistake? There’s a lot to untangle on the HPV question, so I’ll break it down.

On a personal level, I’m very much in favor of the HPV vaccine. I intend to have Sal … Read more

Measles in Mass


Measles continues to spread in Massachusetts, with two new cases confirmed this week, including one involving a 23-month-old boy from Boston who had received his first measles vaccination last year, according to the Boston Public Health Commission. The other was a teenage boy from outside the city who was treated at a Boston health care facility.

That brings the state total to 17 this year — and counting. In each of the previous

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More Healthcare Lies

Sullivan has posted this infographic on why our healthcare cost so much. I have rarely seen such a huge a stack of healthcare lies collected in one place.

  • They claim that America’s obesity rate is not driving our healthcare costs, only accounting for $25 billion in spending. If that’s the case, someone needs to tell the CDC, which has estimated obesity to be responsible or at least 10% of our healthcare spending and projects it
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