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That’s because they are fucking idiots…

USA Today has an article that portends that Obamacare shoppers seem to be shocked by the new cost for insurance they will have to pay. Seriously? Are these progtards this stupid? Did they miss the point where Leviathans takeover was supposed to now somehow cover everyone without insurance right now – anywhere between 30 to 40 million new people, depending on where the numbers come from, including some 11 to 13 million illegals – as well as provide coverage to people with expensive existing conditions? Did they think this was going to magically happen? from the article:

Sweeping differences in health care exchange pricing among states and counties is leading to sticker shock for some middle-class consumers and others who aren’t eligible for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.

The average prices for the most popular plans are twice as high in the most expensive states as those with the lowest average prices, according to a USA TODAY analysis of data for 34 states using the federal health insurance exchange.

PPOs, the most popular type of health care plan, carry monthly premiums that range from an average of $819 a month in the most expensive state to $437 in the least expensive. Plans on the federal and state exchanges are grouped into four categories that cover 60% to 90% of out-of-pocket costs. USA TODAY looked at the pricing of PPOs and HMOs across these bronze, silver, gold and platinum categories.

The premiums for bronze-level plans are generally the least expensive, but “the deductibles are simply not affordable,” says Laura Stack, a former financial analyst looking for full-time work and using her 401k to pay for health insurance. “Many will not be able to afford the per person deductibles before insurance begins to pay. What are you really paying for?”

About 4.4 million people in the individual insurance market are not eligible for the subsidies and tax credits that can help cover premiums and out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles.

Insurance brokers and “navigators” helping people apply for insurance say there are shockingly high prices for some consumers who aren’t eligible for subsidies. Without much competition in some states and because they know so little about their new customers, insurers may have priced higher than they would have otherwise.

Heh, yeah they “may” have priced higher. What bullshit. This article, while reveal some of the facts about the new health insurance reality, is nothing but a lame propaganda attempt to deflect the blame from the fucking collectivist idiots that passed this terrible bill to the “greedy korporashuns”. In a nutshell, the problem is that the usual suspect that think giving people free shit is a good idea and goes along with the politicians doing that are not bright enough to figure out that someone always pays. Class warriors have been real good at pretending the burden should be on the people the left loves to envy, but there was no way to make just the rich pay for this fucking government healthcare takeover scam.

Guess what you stupid fucks: you are the ones that will pay for the free shit to people that couldn’t be bothered to get health insurance in the first place, likely will not do so now, accepting the low penalty (for now) and letting you foot the bill. In the same vein, someone will have to pay for the people with those preexisting conditions. And there is still the problem with so many in the medical profession just walking away from this shitty deal while millions that previously only saw a doctor in dire cases are supposed to now be able to start visiting them every time they have the sniffles.

Pay up bitchez! I might be getting hit too, but boy do I love hearing how the progtards with less disposable income are getting it in the ass from Obamacare. Absolutely nothing cures people from the mental disorder of liberalism and the idiotic belief that giving people expensive “free shit” others are always expected to pay for is a sustainable and workable thing, as a good ass fucking that hits them square between the eyes.

Cry them tears of disappointment and pain, and let me lap them up. It’s the only tonic that makes me feel there is justice in this universe after all.