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And now for some relevant news

With the media and all the politicians on the left in a frenzy about poor Trayvon Martin and that racist white Hispanic dude that killed him in cold blood going on, you might be missing that the Obamacare health insurance mandate was being debated by the SCOTUS today.

Early in the arguments, the veteran justice cut to the heart of the debate over the so-called individual mandate — which was the focus of Tuesday’s hearing — asking the federal government’s attorney to explain what constitutional power the government had to force all Americans to obtain health insurance.

“Can you create commerce to regulate it?” Kennedy asked Solicitor General Don Verrilli.

That question addressed the key issue about whether Congress exceeded its regulatory authority under the Commerce Clause, which gives the federal government the power to pass laws governing economic activity among the states. Verrilli said that’s not happening with the mandate; rather it is a regulation of a pre-existing health care marketplace.

Later, Kennedy described the law as unique and said the mandate “is different from what we have in previous cases — and that changes the relationship of the federal government to the individual in the very fundamental way.”

He acknowledged the Court normally gives Congress the benefit of the doubt on laws that it passes, but in this instance there was a “heavy burden of justification” necessary for supporters of Obamacare to prove its legal worth. He also wondered about what limits to federal power would be in place if the court signed off on law.

Look this argument is simple to deal with in my mind. If the government can tell you that you HAVE to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty for not doing that, then they can tell you that you have to do whatever else they want too. This isn’t like states mandating car insurance where you can simply opt to not drive a car and hence you avoid that cost. You are being told you HAVE to buy it, and for now, if you don’t you are going to pay a fine of some kind. Today that fine is small and the usual big government suspects are trying real hard to pretend that there is no assumption of criminal behavior that goes along with that penalty, but that’s bunk. And you are definitely a criminal if you don’t pay. Once they can tell you what to do they can penalize you and criminalize you into buying healthcare too.

Look, it now is obvious to me that Obama care was set up to allow a bunch of assholes in black robes to add more and unmitigated power to the big government machine. If that fails the next goal is to force an unholy alliance between government and the insurance industry that will allow government to inflict irreparable damage that will forevermore break the ability of a private health insurance industry to provide coverage. And when they get that it opens the door to single payer system government would control that the left has always wanted.

The only way the people get spared this road to hell is if this thing gets squashed dead and voted away. I am afraid that we have been had however. It may take a couple of decades, but they are hell bent on having government control health insurance, access to health insurance, and by default people that will have no other recourse. The people at the DMV will then have power over life & death. Tyrannical government by degrees. We are screwed. Lets hope this thing dies in the SCOTUS, but then lets get real active to stake Obamacare in the heart, cut off it’s head, and expose it to sunlight so this vampire dies for real.

“We are from the government and we are here to help you.” Run for your lives people.