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College Health

How many times have I said it? When you outlaw cheap insurance, you create more uninsured:

Some colleges are dropping student health-insurance plans for the coming academic year and others are telling students to expect sharp premium increases because of a provision in the federal health law requiring plans to beef up coverage.

The demise of low-cost, low-benefit health plans for students is a consequence of the 2010 health-care overhaul. The law is intended

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That big healthcare reform, a.k.a government takeover of healthcare so they can control another 1/6th of the economy thing, Nancy Pelosi told us we absolutely had to get passed, to figure out what would be in it, and would singlehandedly save our economy, by saving us tons of money, all based on what is absolutely the worst scoring requirements put together to make the ugliest pig look like the tastiest slab of bacon, isn’t going … Read more

Told you so…

As many of us predicted then, and have been saying all along, Obamacare was without a doubt going to drive up the cost of healthcare for those of us with it already – employer provided or otherwise – and do so drastically, and the article by Allen Rappeport in FT titled “Health insurance costs deal blow to Obama” shows we where spot on:

The cost of health insurance has surged in the US

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About That Efficient Medicare

Medicare is wonderfully efficient. It spends so much less on administration than those evil … what was that?

Much has been said about the growing gap between the program’s spending and revenues — a gap that will widen as baby boomers retire — but little attention has been focused on a problem staring us in the face: Medicare spends a fortune each year on procedures that have no proven benefit and should not be

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See the trend yet?

Guess what people? It looks like when they went back to look at the numbers, they discovered that the bean counters had yet again been too optimistic. What am I talking about? Well, it seems that the projections for how soon SS and Medicare would run out of money were way too optimistic, and both will implode far sooner.

May 13 (Bloomberg) — Medicare, the U.S. health insurance program for the elderly and disabled,

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